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Work from home Jobs that provides Equipment

The Covid 19 has played a significant role in changing the working environment in the world. People are working from home and performing different jobs as well. working remotely is taking a new transition in this covid 19 and providing a lot of opportunities for the young graduates or professionals who are stepping in the professional world. Teaching online and working online is becoming a challenging situation in this current wave of covid as well.

Remote work

Working remotely is becoming a common trend and it’s associated with the part time, full time, contractual and project work as well. Remote work is meaning that working from the home at your comfort level while connecting with the community of virtual of different stakeholders of the job as well. so covid 19 is becoming the remote work year.

Remote work and Equipment’s

The remote work means that a professional is working from home or anywhere around the globe and they do not require any traditional office setup.  To successfully required to perform remote work, a professionally qualified person needs to require a sound internet connection and laptop only.

Remote work and google search

Google is becoming one of the demanding search engines which provide millions of searches of the keywords that the professionals are trying to find some information related to their work and they are constantly using the google search as well. So google is a technological company which facilitates young graduates or professionals to use the internet effectively and find some good software of the different company, finding some professional on different social networking sites forum such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other sites as well.

Google translation

Furthermore, google translation facilitates a professional or young graduate to translate their languages into different languages as well to perform the work from home job functions effectively and be able to negotiate professionals on different languages because of considering the diversity at the workplace and the nature of job description that required translation in languages.

Internet connection

The world is becoming a global village because the internet has created a lot of opportunities for young and professional graduates who are working for different organizations. To connect with the organization, a sound internet connection is required. So, the professionals usually get connected with the organization through the internet, do some different projects, and make connections to work better in the form of a team. According to one of the recent discussions is going on around.

What’s app group

In this covid pandemic challenge, the young graduates and the professionals are connected through internet devices and using a very famous popular chats box which is called the what’s app. The employers and the companies are using it well. The university instructor always sends the zoom link on what’s app group just to remind them back to attend the classroom as well.


Zoom is a video communication tool and it has been widely used by different professional organizations and university stakeholders to perform the job task effectively well. The zoom allows their users to schedule meetings, conduct classes, and communicate and negotiate effectively with their clients as well.

The online application process on the job portal

The good internet connection, laptop, and the ability to apply on different jobs for requiring different qualifications are required as a piece of equipment from work from home jobs as well.


The laptop is the equipment that the young graduates or professionals are working on a job purpose as working from home. There are different laptops are available in different price ranges and it can be purchased through shops in the markets as well as can be purchased online as well. Amazon is the perfect site to buy an amazing laptop at affordable prices.


The tablet is also one of the equipment so that the young graduates or professionals are using it as a job purpose while taking notes from the zoom meeting while working in a team as well. there are some of the benefits of using a tablet such as using a tablet that is easy to use and its very handful. It’s very quick to write meeting notes on it, it’s very easy to make excel sheets and word documents, etc.

Work from home job sites that provide equipment

There are different important sites which provide the office equipment while working from home as well because of this you do need to go to the office and work. You just simply work at your comfort level and use the office equipment effectively at your own home.


The buffer is the company that provides the students with different software while working with them. The company offers online social media management software which facilitates young graduates. The opening position in this job offers a laptop, free books, a free kindle, $500 for office equipment set up as well.

American express

American Express is also one of the companies which provide young professionals or graduates to work and provide the monthly allowance for phone and internet services. This company highlights the features of handling credit cards etc.


The zapier company is offering 100 percent remote work and this company helps to connect with the brands and automate the business application.  The company offers different jobs such as product design, software engineer etc.

World travel holidays

World travel holidays is one of the leisure company which provides opportunities to young graduates and professionals to work from home. This company offers a lot of benefits to their employers such as computers, monitors, keyboards, mouse, phone and headset as well.

West marine

West marine is one of the websites which handles the boating and fishing supply. This company provides a lot of job opportunities to work from home as well. This company provides computers, mouse , and keyboards to their employers as well.


The college company provides 100 percent remote work to the young graduates and professionals. This company offers software engineers and customer care representatives and many other jobs as well. The company often say to their employers that “we provide you all the office equipment such as laptop, internet, keyboard, and mouse and you have to work with us remotely with 100 percent commitments “.

Way fairs

The way fair is the company that offers good stores that offers some completely remote jobs. The company is often offering computers, keyboards, mouse, and phone for communication purposes as well.

Freelancing tools

Freelancing is becoming popular among young graduates or professionals who are working remotely in the covid pandemic. There a lot of freelancing websites are available on google and it’s just required to search those websites to work remotely and earn well. So, in this connection, the sound internet connection and laptop are required to perform this job functions perfectly.

There is a different freelancing website that offers work remotely as well. These websites are Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour, freelancers, and many other sites. They are providing job opportunities and project-based opportunities so that the college students just need to update their profile info and applying for the different job application process as well. One of the college students shares her learning experience regarding working remotely, She has explained the benefits of work remotely as it does not require to into the office and work, as its extremely important for her work as well as work anywhere around the world at your comfort level, it’s just required sound internet connection and ability to have a command on expert level task. She has been working as a freelancer in the areas of writing and translation where she uses to write a lot of articles based on the different range in terms of words and she maintain the prices of articles accordingly as well. She also has experience in research writing, reviewing literature reviews, writing case studies, and reviewing case studies as well.

How we can be successful in remote work?

To become successful in the remote work while having all the benefits and equipment that the different company is offering to their young graduates and professionals. I am going to mention the tips and strategies to work effectively in remote work.

  1. Maintain your workspace set up
  2. Possess a sound internet connection
  3. Regularly checks emails and respond to them
  4. Create what’s app group with your company on phone to just instantly connect with them
  5. Maintain work and home boundaries
  6. Schedule your meeting effectively
  7. Create a do it yourself sheet for accountability
  8. Be visible at work on the camera while having a meeting on zoom
  9. Develop effective negotiation and communication skills
  10. Work on your health and wellness
  11. Create a google excel sheets to create the responsibilities and the job description task
  12. Maintain clear communication with your project team members and the stakeholders of your organization that you are contributing remotely
  13. Always try to take out time to socialize with people


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