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9 Work from home Jobs that pay well

The world is really influenced with the global pandemic covid 19 and bring the global health challenges around the world. it has created a lot of challenges on every country, everyone is facing challenges on economically, emotionally, psychologically, logistically and educationally in the world is facing a worst fear of living with uncertainty because this covid 19 virus is contagious and mutated and taking everybody life and turning into death. According to the news, the covid 19 virus really affected on the little children and old aged people because of the weak immune system, the virus brings a big social change in the world.

Covid 19 brings a lot challenges around the world and financial issues are one of the challenges that the people are facing.

Different companies are now offering jobs for remote work because of this covid pandemic. The 2020 year s really bring a new shift in the lives of the people and the people are sitting in the home or anywhere around the world and working from home just to earn money and making themselves financially stable.


Work from home without degree

Glassdoor is one of the best websites online that provides a high paying job as well. According to the Glassdoor, I am mentioning different jobs that really paying high amount of money and its required time and energy to perform different jobs.

Therefore, According to the Glassdoor recent report, the below mentioned jobs are really paying you well if you are working from home, the only thing that you need to do, just go the Glassdoor website, sign up an account over there, fill the required information about your profile, qualification and working experiences and apply those jobs accordingly as well.


Account manager

The account manager job responsibilities are very from the companies and the job required to solve the client issues and meeting the expectation of the company and building a good relationship with the client and the company as well. their salary ranges from 40000 dollars to 80 dollars as well.


Business development manager

The business development manager job responsibilities are creating new business opportunities for the clients and its company and providing an effective framework to run the business operation task smoothly. Their salary ranges from 50000 dollars to 120000 dollars as well.


Full stack web developer

The full stack web developer job responsibilities are to understand the different languages of the computer and perform some task such as data base, server, and system engineering. Their salary ranges from 50000 dollars to 1170000 dollars as well.


Project manager

The project manager job responsibilities are to solve the different problem and working on the solution and to provide the framework of the timeline and deliverable of the project. Moreover, the budgeting is also involved the overall cost of the project. The salary ranges from 510000 dollars to 1110000 dollars as well


UX design

The UX design is stands for user experience, this position is allowing to design the different product in a very friendly manner so that the customers will buy the products as well. The clients usually work with different software online to perform this job description task effectively and meeting the company requirement and expectation well. Their salary ranges from 620000 to 130000 dollars as well.


Client service director

The client service directors job responsibilities are collaborated effectively with the client and maintain a good relationship with them and to solve them their problems. Their salary ranges from 76000 dollars to 160000 dollars as well.


Senior software engineer

The senior software manager job responsibilities are about to aware of the different languages of the computers, to understand software as well as programming languages and be able to understand the language of computer operating system.  Their salary ranges from 100000 dollars to 166000 dollars as well.



According to the physician job description is concerned, the physician must have a bachelor’s degree in major in medical studies and have some working experience as a residence training for around three to four years as well. their salary ranges 120000 dollars to 303000 dollars as well


Research Projects

Research projects are important source of income and its really pays well. If the young graduates and professionals are aware of the job responsibilities of the research work are mentioning below. The research work required focused work and it can be applied by choosing your area of interest field and contacting different professors and write in email to them that you really want to work on research projects as well.  Their salary range around 400 dollars to 500 dollars as well.

  • Reviewing different research articles on Google scholar
  • Developing research question
  • Writing research proposals
  • Writing literature review
  • Developing research design
  • Develop and create data collection tool
  • Give recommendation


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