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Bringing Back Valuable Former Employees: A Smart Strategy

Rehiring someone who used to work well for your company can be a clever move. These folks know the ropes, which can save time and effort. Here are some smart ideas for rehiring them:

  1. Stay in Touch: Keep talking to your former employees who left on good terms. If you stay friends, it’s easier to ask them to come back someday.
  2. Make an Alumni Club: Create a club for former employees. They can stay connected with your company even after they’ve left. It’s a good place to find people to hire again.
  3. Ask Them Why They Left: When they leave, ask why. This helps you learn what’s wrong and fix it so others won’t leave for the same reasons.
  4. Check Their LinkedIn: Keep an eye on their LinkedIn profiles to see where they go next. They might learn new things that make them perfect for your company again.
  5. Use Employee Recommendations: Ask your current employees to tell you about good people they know who used to work with them. They might suggest someone who’s not with you anymore.
  6. Make a Good Offer: When you ask someone to come back, make it a good offer that fits them. Think about why they left and how you can make them want to come back.
  7. Show Them the Future: Tell them about all the ways they can grow and do new things in your company. It could make them want to come back for more.
  8. Flexible Work: If it makes sense, let them work how they want. Some people like to work from home or at different times. This can make your company more attractive.
  9. Say Thank You: Tell them you’re thankful for the good work they did before. Show them that you still think they’re great.
  10. Help Them Start Again: Even if they know your company, help them get used to things again. Introduce them to people and tell them what’s new.
  11. Goals and Feedback: Make a plan with them about what they should do and how they can grow. Give them feedback so they can do their best.
  12. Find Them a Friend: Give them someone they can ask questions and talk to. It can help them feel comfortable again.
  13. Check How They’re Doing: After they come back, keep checking how they’re doing. Tell them how they can do better and grow in your company.
  14. Plan for Leaving: Just in case they don’t like it or it doesn’t work, have a plan for them to leave without trouble.

Rehiring people who used to work well for you can be smart. But make sure it’s a good fit for your company and for them.


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