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What are freelancing jobs?

Freelancing is gaining more popularity these days. Having a career in freelancing jobs is motivating for those who want to be their boss. You must be having a question about freelancers vs. employed, which is a better option? Well, it depends upon an individual and his/her personal choice. Both have positives and negatives.

Freelancers work according to their schedule instead of working in fixed office hours. Working as a freelancer gives you the liberty of setting up your workplace, the way you like it. You don’t have to wear formals or, for that matter, don’t have to get ready and waste time thinking about what to wear and whatnot. You save on traveling time and fuel expenses. You have the liberty to choose with whom you want to work. You can take breaks when you wish to. In short, you are your boss, and you don’t have to seek permission from anyone. But with all the benefits, there comes a lot of responsibility. You have to play different roles from finding clients, pitching them, and follow up.


For being a successful freelancer, you need to be assertive, disciplined, and organized. Apart from these, you need to have the required skills for the project you are taking up as a freelancer, and you should have the zeal to upgrade yourself only then you’ll survive as a freelancer.


There are multiple online websites and mobile applications where you can find freelancing jobs for testers, writing, photography, digital marketing, designing, website development, teaching, and many more. There are a lot loop of career options to choose from as a freelancer, and we have listed below the best career options for freelancing.


Content Writer

Content writing is one of the best career options for freelancing, and if you are good at writing content, then there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. The requirement of content is in every business, so there is no harm to start your career as content writing if you have this skill. You can write for website content, blogs & articles, social media posts, and many more for your clients.


Graphic Designer

If you are creative and good at designing, then a graphic designer career option is best for you. You need to be familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other designing software. In Graphic Designing, you can make creatives for social media, company brochures, logos for the companies, animated videos, and many more designs for the organizations.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a vast field with a lot of career options available for you. If you are interested in social media like Facebook, Instagram, and other channels, then you can become an influencer, social media marketer, and there many different options that are also available like PPC marketer, Search Engine optimization. And If you want to work with Google algorithms to rank websites on the first page of Google, then SEO freelancer is the best option for you.



If you are good at teaching or have knowledge of any particular subject or skill that you can teach to others, then a freelance tutor can be a good career option for you. You can instruct your students online, and many opportunities are waiting for you as a freelance teacher.


App Developer

App Developer or Programmer is a demanding career option as a freelancer. Many organizations want to develop their app with the help of freelancer app developers. So there are tremendous opportunities, and a lot of projects are available if you are looking into this field. You need to have sound coding and programming skills.


Website Designer

A website designer should have the creative and technical skills to make a website appealing, responsive, and function as per the requirements. So if you are interested in developing websites and having programming and coding skills with a creative mind, then this can be the best career option for freelancing.



The tester’s job is to find bugs in software, websites, and mobile applications. So if you are having a common knowledge of coding and know the automation testing process, then you can go for freelancing jobs for testers. Testing projects are available on many freelancing platforms. In short, your work as a tester is you need to find bugs and tell them to resolve.


Voice Over Artist

If you have a good voice and have the confidence to speak, then freelance voice-over artists can be an excellent option for you. You can voice over on ads, tutorials, and many other projects. This is a unique field in freelancing with less competition, and you can do wonders with this talent.



If you are good at handling cameras and love to click beautiful pictures, then you can be a freelance photographer. You can initially start with local projects, and after having the experience, you can apply for big photography projects. This field has excellent opportunities for both earning and learning as well. Freelancing photographers are high in demand. You can go portfolio clicks, pre-wedding photoshoot, modelling shoot, baby shoot, and many more. Right now, photography is the most trending freelance career opportunity.



If you are good with numbers, then you can choose accounts as a freelance career option. For a freelancer accountant, you need to have a clear understanding of accounting concepts with sound knowledge of accounting software. Experience can work great in this field to show to your clients. If you have these skills, then you can apply for freelance accounting projects.


Human Resource

If you are good at communication and have good contacts, then you can be a freelance human resource. You can recruit people as per their skills and refer them to companies who are looking for employees. You can earn a commission on each employee you refer to the company. Many organizations are looking for freelance Hr who can arrange human resources for their company.


Technical Support

If you are having sound knowledge of technology and excellent communication skills, then you can work as freelance technical support. In this job, you need to assist clients over phone calls and give them technical support. You need to have technical skills in which you are going to provide service. There are many projects available for these roles on freelance platforms, and you can earn a good amount from your home.


Virtual Assistant

In Virtual Assistant, you need to manage administrative tasks of projects, meetings, appointments, and other work. For a virtual assistant role, it is excellent if you are having experience because it can help you a lot. Many organizations are looking for people for this freelance role, and you can earn a good amount through virtual assistant projects.


Data Entry

Data Entry is one of the best career options for freelancing as there are a lot of projects available on online platforms for the new and experienced freelancers. You should be good at typing and know Excel and Word to bid for the data entry projects. These jobs don’t require in-depth knowledge, and you need to have a flair in typing.


Yoga Instructor 

If you have a passion for staying fit and healthy and have a knowledge of Yoga asana, you can pursue a career as a freelance yoga instructor. You can host online classes or even can shoot and upload your video. You can easily pitch your clients by uploading small videos as the gig proposal.



Working as a freelancer seems very rosy, but it isn’t a cakewalk. It has his share of challenges and difficulties. If you want a career in freelancing but still unsure, then you can always start with your fulltime job and give it a shot. We have listed above the best career options for freelancing and even gave you a glimpse of working as a freelancer vs. employed, which will help you to make the right decision.


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