Paid or Free Job Boards ? Which is the Best? |

Paid or Free Job Boards ? Which is the Best?


Job listings, post your listing to free job boards is a job board that allows employers to post free remote job listings, as it is free, it allows small businesses to find the most excellent staff to fill their roles at very low cost.

During the corona virus fallout, we understand that many companies are facing difficult times and employees are scared about their wellbeing so is a perfect place to post and find jobs.

There are many popular job boards out there like indeed and simply hired, however RD focuses on remote working which we see market growth in the next coming years.


Paid Job boards and free Job boards

Many people go for paid job boards thinking that they will get value for money and find that perfect candidate, however sometimes it does not always work out that way.

What I find is that people are missing out on is the needle in the haystack, you know that hidden gem.


Best things about free job boards

I find that free job boards are accessible to everyone no matter your budget

Free boards are most likely to accept any type of Job listing on their website

Tend to be very customer focused and will do anything for their customers


No so great things about free job boards

They can be filled with clutter if the board is not managed well

Some of them have low traffic, doesn´t mean to say they have no traffic. It just takes for the right candidate to find your job listing and then it has cost you nothing


The best things about paid listings

High end jobs are listed on these sites and they tend to be of high salary

Big companies advertise job listings on these site as they are looking for more experience candidates.

The candidate will see that the company has placed the job listing on a paid service and think highly of the company.

Not so good things about a paid listing

If you are on a low tight budget paid listing is a way to spend money fast without getting the right candidate for the job.

With paid job boards there are so many listings so unless you are offering a high salary, no one will apply for your job offer.

If you offer a low salary and no job benefits on paid listings and the job role is not filled for many weeks’ candidates get put off and this could give a bad impression on your company.

Competition, there is too much of it and candidates pick up on this, I have seen candidates with 3 job offers from a paid job board and went for the highest paid job that was offered.

The amount of jobs listing on a paid job board, as soon as you paid for a listing, the listing gets lost and only the most attractive listings get to stay at the top.

Whenever a paid listing runs out you must renew by paying, this is the money you could put back into your business.

So, which one would you choose? free or paid job boards?

Paid job boards?

I would not do that! I would go for the free Job Board, Why? For reasons stated above.

There are so many free job boards out there, however the one that catches my attention is

You can use for free now there is no trail period, and everyone is free to place a listing. You can post how many jobs you like and because its fresh and new your listings stand out for a very long time without you having to worry about it getting lost in thousands of other listing.


Try for free today and get the right candidate to fit your job listing.

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