Maintenance Technician Remote and Work from Home Job Description

Maintenance Technician Job Description


A Maintenance Technician performs preventive maintenance and troubleshooting. A Maintenance Technician is responsible for the upbringing of facilities, e.g., a high rise building or place of business. They are real multi-tasker skilled in various areas, including plumbing, carpentry, and electrical systems. A Maintenance Technician is a complete professional and a dedicated worker; he inspects buildings, maintains inventory, and schedules repairs. His main task is to keep the building structure in the best possible condition.

Job Description:

We have an immediate opportunity for a talented and experienced Maintenance Technician to service our premises. Your prime responsibility is to preserve the best condition and functionality of our business premises. The maintenance technician conducts proper assessments. Surveys of a building are the primary duties of a maintenance technician—timely repairs, maintaining inventory, and developing preventative maintenance procedures. Our best candidate will be a multi-tasker with thorough knowledge of maintenance procedures, hydraulics, and essential tools. You might have the capability of problem-solving and, last but not least exceptional communication skills. To become a good maintenance technician often asks for a skilled person knowing technical and working well within a team.

Responsibilities & Skills:

  • He is performing routine maintenance.
  • Surveys of a building are the primary duties of a maintenance technician.
  • He makes sure that everything is in working order.
  • He is responsible for conserving and upgrading electronics.
  • Assist in the setup of purifying, regelation, and other units.
  • He conducts repairs when necessary. Heating and plumbing functionality also depends on the maintenance technician.
  • A maintenance technician is responsible for inspections of all precautionary measures like fire alarms and failure of electricity.
  • Schedule repairs when required.
  • He must be professional in Landscaping and groundskeeping work as needed.
  • He gives suggestions and expertise to the purchasing manager during new equipment purchases.
  • He gives an active response to tenant repair requests.
  • Often, he is fixing issues by-hand like repairing, replace old locks or fittings.
  • The maintenance used CMMS or paper records to log performed maintenance work.
  • Cleaning and servicing all the machinery or tools
  • He must be efficient in his work and makes the system smooth and growing.
  • He knows how to work in a team and values teamwork.


Job Requirements:

A fundamental requirement for a maintenance technician is a high school diploma or equivalent qualification.

An HVAC certificate, building maintenance technology field, is preferred for two years’ experience in a similar field—thorough electrical and hydraulic systems knowledge.

Strong verbal skills, mainly linguistic and speaking. Extensive knowledge of general maintenance policies and techniques. Often, a maintenance technician is available to work overtime, including weekends, public holidays, and evenings. ·

The man behind all these rough and challenging tasks is the maintenance technician.



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