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Line Cook Job Description

Do you know the line cook job is a very professional and creative job? The line cook is a professional Prep Cook and in charge of the place assigned to him in the line. Prep Cook setting and stock up all the essential food items. He prepares all the ingredients ready to make, like chopping vegetables, cutting meat, making sauces, and setting all the preparation. A line cook makes all the specified dishes in the menu, maintaining the sanitation and safety standards. A prep cook is in charge of the area assigned to him in the line, making sure the plates’ clean and setting the site well.


Job Description:

We are finding a talented and creatively experienced Line Cook who will join our amazingly talented cooks. He must be professional and experienced in a specified menu and dishes. A line cook’s duties are to assisting their executive Cook heads with their daily tasks. He is in charge of his station like BBQ or vegetarian dishes. He prepares his ingredients and cooks food, also stock up the food items. A line cook must be careful about the sanitation of the station area assigned to him and safety standards. He makes sure of the cleanliness of plates and all the cutlery. A line cook set the station area of the line, which is under his supervision.

For this job, a person must have a Culinary diploma and professional cooking skills.

 Skills & Responsibilities:

  • Prepare food ingredients like chopping vegetables, cutting meat, making sauces.
  • Stock you all the necessary food items.
  • Prepare menu dishes that are assigned to the line cook.
  • Assist their executive chef in their tasks.
  • Follow all the instructions.
  • Manage the stock properly.
  • Maintain sanitation.
  • Make sure the cleanliness of the station that is assigned to perp cook.
  • Maintain the high quality of food.
  • Maintain safety standards.
  • Maintain Professional relations with your clients and colleagues.
  • Experienced in multitask.
  • Managing leftover food.
  • Maintain the standard quality in all tasks.
  • Useful in plate presentation and garnishing.
  • Assist in food preparation assignment.

Job Requirements:

  • Must have experience of some years as a restaurant cook and prep cook.
  • Experience in different cooking methods, techniques, and ingredients.
  • Experience in multitasking and time management.
  • Certificate in cooking from high school.
  • Should know new cooking techniques.
  • Must be cooperative and well organized.

Working in this industry is always extremely challenging because of long hours, stressful environments, scorching, burns, or bruises. Still, cooking is something people are incredibly passionate about, and Line cook is one of them.


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