The product specialist provides the interface between customers, products and sales. The aim is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and to contribute to long lasting relationships through superior product telephone consultation (product knowledge and solutions). The revenue and margin targets of each product group need to be considered.

The Product Specialist is a central contact person to (for) the customer and needs to completely represent our core value of customer first (completely).

Product Specialist Areas of accountability

* Implementation of the sales strategy for the respective product group

Customer calls

* Handling all incoming technical focused customer questions about products, services, orders and technical complaints, warranties, objections, request for quotations, etc. by telephone, mail, social media, etc. in a professional way to ensure Customer Satisfaction

* Gathering and keeping up-to-date knowledge about products and assortment within the specific product group

* Follow up in a constructive way

* Help customers to use our facilities in the right way

* Offer specials, technical proposals, calculations and advice

* Carry out all administrative tasks for example quotations, order/return processing, data entry/maintenance, etc.

* Cooperating with customers, other disciplines and departments within the Kramp Group

* Exchanging knowledge and information in a broad sense (technical, content, new products, assortment, etc.)

* Promoting campaigns

* Training colleagues and customers (Kramp Academy)

* Assisting in the quantitative and qualitative development of the assortment by data maintenance (webshop), maintaining price information, comparing competition and Product trainings

* Joint visits with Account Manager to discuss technical issues at customers on request

* Build value focused relationships with customers

* Ensure and increase customer satisfaction and create opportunities for Kramp

* Apply the right service levels to customers (distinguish focus and non- focus customers, quotations etc.)

* Ensure a fast and efficient way of working

* Proper use of phone, systems and applications

* In line with procedures, commercial processes and guidelines

* Communication with customers through active use of social networks for professional purposes


* Excellent Webshop Knowledge, increasing knowledge through independent development, including actively searching for information. Training customers on how to use the webshop and presenting the benefits of using the webshop to customers

* Realizing relevant KPI's

* Values and competences

Product Specialist Core Values


Everyone respects our family culture and contributes to this in a positive manner. We take our work–related responsibilities seriously and are fully committed to the quality of our work. We respect any decisions that have been made. We are proud, but at the same time we stand firm with both feet planted firmly on the ground.


We work together professionally, respectfully and on an equal footing, regardless of our position. It’s important to share successes and results with one another and to inform one another properly and in good time. We can talk to each other in person. We listen to one another’s arguments. We dare to be vulnerable and flexible. For us this means being open and honest, being straightforward, showing emotions, expressing crazy ideas, being innovative etc. If you are offended by someone's behavior, do not be afraid to discuss this with the person.

Customer First

Everyone realizes that our own attitudes and behavior are as important for our customers' success. We treat all customers with respect. We are aware that delivering parts is not a "nine-to-five business" for Kramp, so we adopt a flexible approach. We are easily accessible, both internally and externally.


This makes us pioneering and enterprising within our markets. We achieve this by thinking outside of the box, by being proactive and by taking the initiative. We also have the courage to take measured risks. We take responsibility for our own actions and accept that things can sometimes go wrong, as long as we always learn from our mistakes. We are constantly seeking to improve and optimize our processes and service.

Product specialist Competences

Analysis and problem solving

Breaks down and analyses information effectively. Identifies the causes of problems and proposes realistic and practical solutions to address them.

Customer focus

Identifies and understands the customer’s needs. Focuses on meeting those needs and ensuring both satisfaction and a continuing business relationship.

Detail focus

Demonstrates a high attention to detail, ensuring the accuracy of work completed.


Seeks out and acts on opportunities without being prompted by others. Demonstrates a proactive approach.

Innovation and creativity

Proposes new and original ideas, approaches and solutions to problems. Looks beyond conventional approaches and established methods.

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