CBRE see this being an intrinsic role that is a combination of three roles: Finance Analyst, PJM Agency / Turnkey Acct & Finance. The following duties will be supportive the Regional Project Director.

Key actions will include.

Supporting the central data platform team to ensure consistent reliable data management, quality assurance, streamlined communication and cadences according to the rhythm of the clients Global Real Estate / Facilities Management business group as well as the multiple Strategic Business Groups and sites in compliance with the client /CBRE Global Real Estate MSA 2022.
Supporting the central project execution, Turnkey integration with vendors or CBRE variable teams to ensure WO, PO alignment.
Support business as Usual day-to-day activities and management both for financial and data capture requirement to ensure that CBRE EMEA delivers in accordance with the results from the Supplier and sub-contractor networks.
Supports the requirement to provide cost insights, mitigates risk through prudent fiscal oversight and focused on cost avoidance, supply chain savings, and value engineering.
Support the cross regional EMEA Central Project Director and to ensure compliance data requirements both upstream and downstream finances, support recovery of payments, including engagement with the clients finance teams to ensure and void late, overdue, and bad debt recovery.
Support the timely tracking and co-ordination of CBRE project invoicing and payments, and purchase orders to ensure that compliance with agreed payment terms and the multiple FX requirements.
Governance – provide a supportive role to In-the-field project managers, clients workstreams, HBS , IT , client , drives, and provides oversight of project management activity for a client organization across a region(s)
Collate, administer project and financial data from Kahua to ensure that client Partners with full and coordinated insights on all Projects.
Support Project managers in the field to ensure financial rigor.
The EMEA Finance Projects Analyst will support the Project Director in the coordination of multiple reporting requirements but not be limited to:

Regional programme summaries, weekly, monthly, quarterly with links to detailed project's reports updated min. on weekly bases.
Support Programme summary reports which will also include project FT outputs, RAG status.
Support the co-ordination of multiple country Project reports ( via Kahua) reports to ensure global standards are maintained include timeline with milestones, risk register, change and potential change order logs, next steps, cost control, RFI, HSE and current pictures, financial fee tracking and CSAT
Support and perform specific and ad-hoc, strategic analysis of structured and unstructured data across multiple data sources, reflecting the clients EMEA real estate projects
Where required act as Assoc PM (PO creation, invoicing, closeouts, data entry) across EMEA in support of PMs (Agency and Turnkey), support and have light touh engagement to support the clients STP ( Strategic Transformational Planning) process.
Support the data structures, reporting and pipelines to organize, collect, cleanse, and standardize data to generate insights and addresses reporting needs specific to the EMEA geography, financial systems including codes of conduct and cross boarder regional taxation.
The resource will support the EMEA Regional Project Director, the administration of instructed Projects to ensure compliance with the clients procurement, financial reporting, Valuations, invoicing in country and cross regionally, ensure compliance and track Fee at Risk, KPI's payments across the programme.
The role will act as an EMEA in time zone Kahua SME / champion.
Utilizes Kahua, programming and analytical tools, including Vantage, SQL, or similar relational database tools to support the cost, performance models and/or extract insights.
The role will support the knowledge of identifying benchmarking patterns and insights specific to the EMEA whilst working and collaborating with central account teams (US) structured and unstructured data sets from multiple in business groups, workstreams including Non IFM out of Portfolio clients and sites.
Identifies and troubleshoots data integration and integrity issues in cooperation with the appropriate Hon/ CBRE business units.
Supports the Global and Regional Directors in Design work flows and procedures.
Identifies opportunities to maximize data usage, applying modeling and optimization methods to support and capture benchmark data analytics for the projects delivered.
Support the growth and improvement of new strategies to financial and data performance for to achieve notable improvement of betterment of the client account