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How to find the right candidate for a Job listing?

So many business owners believe they can just put a job listing out on a job board and get the right candidate for a job role.

As we know it doesn´t work like that, finding the right candidate starts from the root, it starts with questions like these –


1 why exactly do you want to fill the job role?

Are you a growing business that might need to create this role so you are looking ahead and bring in a candidate that you can develop and?

keep happy so they can be a crucial part of your because or are you just looking to fill the position quickly because the last person left.



  1. What job boards are you using?

There are so many job boards that attract the wrong candidates for example, bigger job boards will attract the non-stayers.

Those candidates that come in and know they have the experience and knowledge, so they ask for that big wage until they get tired of your company and hand in their resignation letter because they know they can get more money somewhere else. we look for candidates who are hungry to learn and willing to stay with a company long term.

Candidates come to us who are really interested in our job’s listings and at time but not all with speak directly to our website visitors through chat and social media to find out more about what they are looking for.


  1. The resume selection process

We see time and time again, business taking on candidates that exactly match their job requirements.

This is a mistake; no company works the same so id a candidate matches exactly the job requirements on a job listing, cannot always be true, do some more digging a check out that candidate again. No matter the role the new starter will have to learn so of all the systems. Choose someone that is 20% match to the job requirements.

Proven investigations have shown that candidates like this tend to stay longer in the company and tend to want to learn more.

The candidate tends to think this is a new role for me and I better stay and give my all as they have not got much experience in their new area of work.



  1. What should you look out for in the interview?

Now once you have the candidate selected is interview time, things to look out for.

  1. Nervous laughs – constant nervous laughing it shows that the candidate may be covering something up.
  2. No eye to eye contact, could be shyness or cover up of something.
  3. Cannot remember what is on their resume, this is a bad sign.
  4. Always agreeing to what is said another bad sign, its show the candidate cannot thing for them self.
  5. Weak handshake, if you are in person, a very bad sign not to be trusted
  6. Low voice not speaking up, which shows lack in confidence
  7. Dress sense, must be well dress whether in person or remote
  8. No questions asked within the interview, could be they have no questions or could mean a lack of interest in the job.
  9. Late arrival for remote meeting online or in person must have a valid reason
  10. And finally, the money question, how much do I get paid is a big turn off.



  1. The day of acceptance

The big day of acceptance letter and start date what happens then? keep a look out and do not let your guard down.

Whether its 3- or 6-months’ probation you are still testing and watching your new employee and making sure they are on the right track.

They can still be fired and told to leave straight away if their performance is not acceptable.

Remember above is just some of the things you may have to think about, however if you want a great start and be ahead of your competitors start by posting your remote job listings at and get the right candidate today.

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