How many PLAB passers manage to land a job in the UK? |

Getting a Job in the UK as a PLAB Passer

What is PLAB?

  • The PLAB test is for doctors from other countries who want to work in the UK.
  • Passing PLAB is a big step to become a doctor in the UK.

Getting a Job in the UK: What to Know

  • Not all PLAB passers get jobs in the UK. Success depends on various things.
  • Here are factors that matter:

1. Medical Specialty

  • Some types of doctors are more needed than others in the UK.
  • Pick your specialty wisely.

2. Location

  • Some places in the UK have more jobs for doctors.
  • Big cities or areas with fewer doctors usually have more openings.

3. Experience and Qualifications

  • Your experience and extra qualifications matter.
  • If you have special training or lots of experience, it helps.

4. Immigration Status

  • Rules about visas and immigration can affect your job search.
  • Check your immigration status and what it means for work.

5. Competition

  • Many PLAB passers are looking for jobs.
  • Some specialties or places have a lot of competition. You might need to try harder.

6. Networking

  • Make connections in the medical field.
  • Sometimes, jobs aren’t advertised. You might hear about them from people you know.

7. Language Skills

  • Speaking good English is important.
  • Good communication is a must for patient care.

Staying Updated

  • Keep up with the latest rules and job market info.
  • The General Medical Council (GMC) and others can help you.


  • The job market for PLAB passers changes, and each person’s situation is different.
  • If you want to be a doctor in the UK, research, seek advice, and be ready for a competitive job market.

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