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Do you want to be a hacker? Would you like to know how to hack? As the world becomes increasingly connected, everyone must have the skills to protect themselves online. Unfortunately, only a few people have taken the time to learn how to hack. That’s where eLearnSecurity comes in. Our Junior Penetration Tester Certification eJPT can give you the skills you need to start hacking right away. If you want to become a hacker, this is your certification. It covers everything from basic penetration testing principles to advanced exploit development and reverses engineering techniques. With this confirmation, you will actually want to hack into any framework, what’s more, realize all that there is to know about hacking. So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and sign up today!

ELearnSecurity’s Junior Penetration Tester Certification

ELearnSecurity is proud to offer the Junior Penetration Tester Certification (eJPT). This certification program provides aspiring penetration testers with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform basic cyber security assessments successfully.


To obtain this certification, participants must complete online modules covering various penetration testing techniques. The eJPT curriculum is intended to give students comprehension of cyber security basics and more advanced attack methods.


Once completed, the eJPT certification will demonstrate that the individual has acquired the requisite skills and knowledge to perform basic penetration tests. This certification is an excellent way for individuals who are interested in becoming cyber security professionals or for individuals who want to improve their current skill set.

What is the Junior Penetration Tester Certification?

The Junior Penetration Tester Certification eJPT is an online certification program that allows learners to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in penetration testing. The program consists of a series of self-study modules covering various penetration testing aspects. Once completed, participants can submit an online exam to validate their skills.


This certification is ideal for anyone who wants to gain experience in penetration testing. Still, it has yet to gain any previous experience or training. It’s also an excellent way to update your knowledge and skills if you’re already working as a penetration tester. The certification will assist you with standing apart from the opposition and increment your possibilities of getting hired as a security consultant or security engineer.


To be eligible for the eJPT certification, you need to have at least basic knowledge of computer security and network authentication/authorization concepts. You don’t need any prior experience in penetration testing or programming; all you need is enthusiasm and interest in learning about computer security.

The Testing Process

The Testing Process


If you are interested in becoming a Junior Penetration Tester, your first step is to become certified. ELearnSecurity offers the eJPT certification for those interested in becoming qualified penetration testers. The eJPT certificate is an online program that covers various penetration testing methodologyologies.


To begin the process of earning the eJPT certification, you will need first to take the online exam. This exam is composed of multiple-choice questions and focuses on learning how to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. After passing the exam, you can continue your path to certification by completing additional courses and exams. The total time required to meet all of the requirements for the eJPT certification is approximately two months.


Once you have completed all of the requirements for the eJPT certification, you will be able to show your skills and knowledge in a professional setting by applying for a job as a Junior Penetration Tester with one of ELearnSecurity’s clients or partners. In addition, joining a professional organization such as ELearnSecurity can give you access to other professionals who share your interests in penetration testing and help keep up with industry changes.

What are the Requirements for the Junior Penetration Tester Certification?

To become a certified penetration tester, you must meet specific requirements. These requirements are outlined in the ELearnSecurity eJPT certification program.


The first requirement is having no less than two years of involvement working with computers and networks. The second requirement is to have a good understanding of network attack methodologies. Finally, the third requirement is that you have an intermediate knowledge of Linux and Unix administration.


The fourth requirement is that you pass the eJPT certification exam. This exam has 60 questions and takes about three hours to complete. Subsequent to finishing the test, you will accept your official certification from ELearnSecurity.

How to Get Registered for the ELearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester Certification?

To be certified as a Junior Penetration Tester by ELearnSecurity, you must complete the eJPT certification exam. The exam is in multiple languages and can be taken online or in person. You will require admittance to a web association and a PC with Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10 operating systems to take the online exam.


Once you have installed the ELearnSecurity software and logged in, you will see the main menu. Under “Certification & Training,” you will find “eJPT Certification.” Click on this link to begin your registration process.


First, you will need to choose your language from the available tests. Once you have selected it, click the “Start” button to begin the registration process.


You will be asked to provide basic information about yourself, including your name (first and last), email address, and date of birth. Next, you will be asked to indicate which certification program you would like to join: eLearning Security Professional (ELS Pro), Active Directory Administration Professional (ADAP), Security Analyst – Global Competency Profile (GCP), or Network Penetration Tester – Global Competency Profile (NP-GCP).


Based on your answers to these questions, ELearnSecurity will create a customized training plan for you that includes both online learning modules and hands-on exercises. After completing the

The Final Exam

The final exam for the eJPT certification is coming soon! You’ll need to be proficient in some different areas, including but not limited to wireless exploitation, web application penetration testing, and reverse engineering. If you want to pass the test, ensure you have a firm grasp of all these topics.



Are you interested in becoming a Junior Penetration Tester? If so, eLearnSecurity’s eJPT certification is the perfect program for you. This four-day course introduces penetration testing and hacking techniques, as well as the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the Certified Ethical Hacking Professional (CEH) exam. The eJPT is accredited by EC-Council and is offered online at no cost to participants. So whether you’re looking to advance your career or learn more about cybersecurity, the eJPT is an excellent choice. Register today!


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