Best digital nomad YouTube channels |

Here are some YouTube channels that were well-regarded in the digital nomad community:

  1. The Blonde Abroad (Kiersten Rich): Kiersten shares her experiences as a female traveler and digital nomad, offering destination guides, travel tips, and insights into the digital nomad lifestyle.
  2. Johnny FD: Johnny is an entrepreneur and digital nomad who shares practical advice on building online businesses, finding remote work, and embracing the nomadic lifestyle.
  3. Chris the Freelancer: Chris provides valuable content on freelancing, location independence, and building a sustainable online business. His videos often include practical tips and interviews with other digital nomads.
  4. Lost LeBlanc (Christian LeBlanc): While not exclusively focused on digital nomadism, Christian’s travel vlogs showcase stunning destinations and offer insights into his lifestyle as a content creator on the road.
  5. Tangerine Travels: This channel follows the journey of a couple, Jordan and Maddie, as they explore different countries and share insights into living a location-independent lifestyle.
  6. Drew Binsky: Drew is a travel vlogger who explores lesser-known destinations worldwide. While not strictly a digital nomad channel, his videos provide cultural insights and travel inspiration.
  7. Nomad Capitalist (Andrew Henderson): Andrew Henderson’s channel focuses on topics related to global citizenship, offshore strategies, and tax planning for digital nomads and entrepreneurs.
  8. Making It Happen Vlog (Sabrina and Khaled): This couple documents their digital nomad journey, sharing the highs and lows of living and working in various countries.

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