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Automotive Technician Job Description

Motor vehicle technicians maintain, repair cars, vans, machinery, and other automobiles. An Automotive Technician is responsible for the repair and preventive maintenance of automotive parts and equipment. They are examining vehicle engines and mechanical/electrical components to diagnose accurately. They must be specializing in repairing different types of vehicles. They have to diagnose the problem and its root cause. They advise the owner best to their satisfaction with the options and then carry out the necessary work. An automotive technician works aiming to vehicle functionality and longer life.

Job Description:

Our company is eagerly awaiting for an experienced, talented and skilled Automotive Technician. You will be responsible for assembling, maintaining, and repairing all automobiles’ machinery for this role. Physically and mentally fit and an active individual with a thorough knowledge of essential tools, service, and diagnostics. You must monitor to inspect vehicles as and related machinery. Our ideal candidate will have excellent verbal and customer service skills.

Responsibilities of Automotive Technician:

The maintenance Technician is accountable for keeping a facility operating and overhauling any problems. Before they have a chance to aggravate, a Maintenance Technician will usually perform a wide range of restoring tasks around a facility. A maintenance technician performs some other assignments that are:

  • Performing regular supervision around the building, such as remedying structural damage, for example, window, door, or wall rehabilitation.
  • Repair broke or leaking plumbing to prevent water damage and restore full use of water fixtures appliances.
  • Work on shattered electrical wiring when a deficit or severed wire arises.
  • Protecting the building HVAC device to keep climate control in the facility functioning appropriately
  • Apply preventative measures to the building to curtail the risk of future problems, such as using an adhesive on a horizontal ceiling.
  • Fix potential safety risks to resist suffering.
  • Decorating the building when old lacquer has become receded or carved.
  • dealing with assigned jobs and PMs (inspections, oil changes, meter readings)
  • accomplishing a mixture of routine supervision assignments.
  • Several security measures and strategies must accept them.
  • Cleaning and retaining the instruments they operate.
  • Handle incoming work proposals.
  • Discussing prevailing and possible problems with their supervisors, most often maintenance executives.

Job Requirements:

Technicians will have to obtain a good deal of workout and schooling. Many technicians complete high school-level training, while others earn two-year degrees or certificates in auto repair. The modern automotive technician needs to be eligible to take care of an automobile’s engine’s mechanical facets and much more. With the on-board computers and electronics of modern cars, an automotive technician needs an electrical workout, as well. Some high schools offer basic auto mechanics classes. Still, the technical training necessary to be competitive in the job market comes from vocational workshops.


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