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AC Technician Job Description

The primary responsibility of the air conditioning technician is to repair and operate the air conditioner. Designing, conducting, repairing, and maintaining equipment and services of air conditions are all responsibilities of the air conditioning technician.

One of his tasks is to repair and restore construction machinery to hold structures and infrastructure in good working order.

Typical tasks of air conditioning technicians involve updating plans, installing air conditioning equipment, properly operating testing facilities, emergency repair operations, maintenance of machinery, purchasing materials, and regular changes to improve operational performance.

Data can also be recorded while inspecting systems, such as equipment temperature, fuel usage, and operating hours. Refrigerants must be rehabilitated and correctly disposed of while servicing air conditioning systems because coolants may be toxic to the atmosphere. They will also market customer support contracts to maintain long-term customer ties.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • They clean the equipment to ensure that it is operating correctly and consistently.
  • They keep the cooling systems in good working order regularly.
  • Errors and malfunctions in the electrical and electronic systems are investigated.
  • They install, repair, and restore appliances.
  • They adjust thermostatic temperature calibrations and bring them out.
  • They’re putting in cutting-edge air-conditioning technology and appliances.
  • They clean the blowers and spindles, and they keep an eye on the pressure and engine tension.
  • They plan, design, and install new air-conditioning systems, as well as restore them.
  • Ice pumps, refrigerators, and water supply systems are all tested and maintained by them.


  • Both a diploma and a GED, or an appropriate equivalent, are good choices.
  • At least one year of HVAC experience is needed, as well as training to begin practicing HVAC.
  • A valid driver’s license is needed.
  • Advanced understanding of the concepts of air conditioning, ventilation, and heating is needed.
  • When it comes to balancing air and water treatment systems, compliance with HVAC protocolsis needed.
  • Literary, verbal, and leadership abilities are also exceptional.
  • It’s easy to decode programs and job schedules.
  • Capacity to operate through regular working hours, weekends, and holidays with little or nowarning.


  • He has expertise in the installation of AC.
  • He finds the problem in your AC and settles it in no time.
  • He provides the spare parts of your AC which need to be replaced or omitted.
  • Cleaning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and water treatment systems areimportant in a sanitary and safe manner.
  • Where necessary, preventive maintenance must be carried out.They will even work in dusty and crowded environments such as shelves, crawl spaces, and attics.While air conditioning technicians may learn the skills they need on the job, and many employers want to hire workers who have completed a standardized training program. Education packages ranging from six months to two years are available at trade schools and community colleges. These classes include automobile design and production, electronics, temperature control, assembly, maintenance, and reconstruction.

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