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9 Best Ways to Make Sure You Always Hire the Right Person for the Job Role

Have you hear the saying which says “if you do what others do, you will get the same results that others get” and we see this all the time, we see listings for job roles on the same job boards attracting the same candidates.

To get the right hire to fill your job listing you must do something different as times are changing as well as job roles are changing to. So, you cannot use same strategy that were used 15 years ago now. At Roamingdesk.com we specialize in remote working as we believe this is what the future holds, and we know and understand how to find the right hire for your listing when hiring remotely.


  • Find the right Job Board


It is crucial to find the right Job boards where you would list your Jobs, many businesses list their jobs in the wrong places or places where the competition is high. What do I mean by the competition being high? I mean other big international companies listing their jobs in the same place but able to offer better and bigger benefits for example like and bigger bonus or a better salary.

Now think about it, you as a small business with very little budget it will be hard to beat those international businesses especially when it comes to paying big listing fee. We at roamingdesk.com do not charge a listing fee and if we do in the future it will be at very little cost


  • Find out where the candidate lives and where they have lived


Really focus on this point, you need to find out where the candidate lives now and where they have lived. Why? Because even though we are listing a remote Job-

It gives you an idea of how long the candidate will be committed to the Job.

It would tell you if the candidate is wanting to build their career within the business or stay short term.

It will tell you if a candidate is in a rush to climb the career ladder and is just using your business as a quick steppingstone.


  • Find out if they have worked remotely before and check recommendations on Linkedin.com if you can


This is another thing you should take note of, try to find out if the candidate has worked remotely before and check and see if they have recommendations to prove it.

It is very easy for a candidate to get the job working remotely and then they spend all their time out and about or even worst still working on their own business and ignoring your business.

This would be a big problem for a small business as every penny or dime counts, this could totally cause a business to fail if it is not caught earlier on after the hire process.

So, it is crucial to get the right person and ask question, try, and get a feel for the candidate, their goals, and their achievements and what they want to achieve in the future.


  • Try and get to meet the candidate if you can


As its remote work, maybe you might have the candidate in another part of the world. It might be a good idea to try and get to meet the candidate and take them out for a drink. It does not have to be an alcohol drink, it could be a coffee, tea or even a soda (soft drink).

Alcohol works best and you can get more out of the candidate when they are relaxed and tipsy. However, on a serious note with sitting down with the candidate face to face so that you can get a feel for them. Be relaxed, come across friendly and try to get your candidates guard down.

What matters is to focus on building your business and finding the right candidate that can help you do that. If you cannot afford to fly out to meet the candidate, hire an overseas recruitment company that can carry out the screening for you.

  • Get a group going and chat


Another way to find the right candidate, is to call them for a second interview online and get all the team with the candidate in a group conversation. What you could do is ask your team to come to the group chat with a few questions which they feel will give them a good idea what the candidate is about.

Many of the answer will help you really get the big picture of the true values of the candidate and the team can give their true opinion of whether they like them or not.

  • Listen to the questions they ask


You do not have to be a great listener to listen and to find something out, if the candidate refers to salary and how many days off and what are the benefits, then you have the wrong candidate.

If the candidate focuses on asking key questions about the role and talks about tech and how they can bring in ideas to improve your business, then they are the right candidate for the role.

They will need to bring value and experience to the role and its your job in finding that out so that they can help build your business or the company you work in.


  • The Probation Period


The probation period would normally be 3 to 6 months depending on the business. This is a great time in which you can get to work with new hire and see who they really are.

You can easily check the following when working with a new hire

  1. Time keeping – see if they are good at time keeping
  2. Organization skills – at this point you can see how organized they are and how they schedule their work.
  3. Meet deadlines – you can easily see if the new hire meets deadlines or tries to meet deadlines.
  4. Team player – you need to see how the candidate works with the rest of the team. Do they help? Is there teamwork? Do they share information?
  5. Is focused on the business goals and projects this in every part of work he or she does. This point is so important, you have one chance and only one chance to grow your business unless you are recruiting for a big international company, so the new hire needs to be focused on the business goals.


  • Hire someone you could work for if you had their job and they had yours


This one is super important, hire someone you like, and you think gets on with you.

Imagine this, you hired someone just for their skill, but you could not bear to see the sight of them? Eventually this will show, the person will know that you cannot stand them and will either leave the job or leave the role and move on to another role in the company if it is a multinational one. You must like the person you hire; you must be able to laugh and talk to them for hours and it must work both ways. When you get on with people especially within a workplace especially if it is your business, they do what they can to please you. They will try to prove that they are the best and try as much as possible to win your friendship. So, make sure you also look at this point when hiring.


  • No rush, take your time


When hiring whether a remote worker or not, you need to take your time. Your business depends on finding someone quickly because you are growing fast and you need someone now! But slow down, you need to make sure that you hit all the above points on the head and get the right person this is why I said in the beginning of this article going for a website like roamingdesk.com will give you time to relax. Why? Because –

  1. You are not paying for your listing so it gives you the time to relax without worrying the listing will end soon.
  2. We are following a strict marketing strategy where we focus our efforts on candidates looking for remote work.
  3. Our support is amazing, we are growing the business, so we must be the best
  4. Our customers love us and that proof of our great service.


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