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Working as a side hustler can be a game changer for your career, helping you get the hours you need while creating a flexible schedule that meets your needs. Want more work-life balance? It’s possible in uncommon professions like hairstylist, photographer, yoga teacher, and meditative instructor. Check out our list of 10 top side hustles for single moms!


1: Cook

If you’re looking for a way to make extra money, cooking can be a great way to start. There are many different ways to cook and sell your food. You can cook in your home, sell food through a catering service, or set up a roadside stall.

There are many different recipes that you can try, and you can also create your recipes. If you are new to cooking, start by making simple recipes you can sell. Once you are confident with those, you can try more challenging recipes requiring more time and effort.

If cooking is something you’re interested in trying, check out the top side hustle opportunities for single moms. These opportunities include cooking classes and online courses. You can also join community platforms such as Cooking for Change or Simply Cookery.


2: Study

A study published in the Oxford Journal of Economics found that working onside gigs can help women escape poverty.

The study looked at a group of single mothers in Spain who worked onside gigs to make extra money. The researchers found that the single mothers earned an average of €86 per week, which was more than double the earnings of those who did not work onside gigs.

The researchers also found that single mothers were less likely to be in poverty than those who did not work onside gigs. 73% of the single mothers who worked onside gigs were out of poverty, compared to only 38% of the mothers who did not work onside gigs.

If you are a single mother and want to escape poverty, consider working onside gigs. You can find a lot of opportunities online or in your local area.


3: Care Provider

Side hustles can be a great way to supplement your income while caring for your children or working a full-time job. Many of these opportunities offer flexible working hours, so you can take care of your family and earn an income.

Some of the best side hustles for single mothers include:

  1. Online Data Entry: Many online companies are looking for data entry workers to help them process data and fill out forms. It is a relatively easy job that can lead to long-term employment opportunities.
  2. Freelance Writing: If you have writing skills and a passion for storytelling, freelance writing can be a great way to supplement your income. Many online websites are looking for talented writers to contribute original content.
  3. Home Health Aides: Home health aides care for elderly patients. It is a highly specialized field that requires skilled nursing assistants and certified nurse aides. If you have the necessary skills and


4: Event Planner

There are many different side hustles that you can start if you are a single mom. One of the most popular side hustles is that single mothers can do event planning.

Event planning can be a very lucrative business. You can charge either an hourly or a flat fee for your services. You can also offer customized services to different types of clients.

Event planning is not only a great way to earn income, but it is also a great way to socialize and meet new people. It is likewise an extraordinary method for remaining associated with loved ones.


5: Online transcription jobs

Single mothers can pursue many side hustles to make extra money. Coming up next are three of the most well-known decisions:

  1. Online transcription jobs: This is an excellent option for single mothers with a computer and a phone. Online transcription jobs allow you to work from home and typically pay between $10 and $20 per hour.
  2. Paid online surveys: This is another excellent option for single mothers who want to make extra money. Paid online surveys typically pay between $5 and $50 per survey and usually take only a few minutes to complete.
  3. App development: App development is another great side hustle for single mothers. App development can be very lucrative, especially if you have skills in programming or design.


6: Freelance Writer

As a single mom, you know that running a household can be challenging. If you want to monetize your skills and start earning money from what you love, freelance writing may be a great side hustle opportunity for you.

Freelance writing is a great way to make money while you relax and work on your schedule. You can find freelance writing opportunities online or in newspapers, magazines, or other publications.

To get started in freelance writing, determine what type of writing you are interested in. You may want to focus on lifestyle journalism, business content, or creative writing. Once you have selected the freelance writing that interests you, start searching for opportunities online or in print.

Remember to research any potential clients before agreeing to work with them. Ensure that the client is credible and compatible with your writing style. If everything looks good to you and the client pays on time, go ahead and begin working on the project!


7: Fashion Photographer

Side hustles can be a great way for single moms to make some extra money. Here are seven fashion-related side hustles that you can try:

  1. Take pictures of people for their online profiles or social media accounts.
  2. Take pictures of products for online reviews.
  3. Take pictures of fashion shows or runway models for fashion blogs or websites.
  4. Take pictures of people for advertising campaigns or lifestyle magazines.
  5. Take pictures of weddings or other events for wedding photography websites or magazines.
  6. Take pictures of product demonstrations for ecommerce stores, boutiques, and other businesses.
  7. Take pictures of celebrities or other high-profile individuals for private contracting (i.e., getting paid to take photos and videos).


8: Photo booth Operator Renter

Side hustles can be a great way for single mothers to make extra money. There are many different types of side hustles that you can try, and each one has its benefits.

One of single mothers’ most popular side hustles is the photo booth operator. This side hustle is perfect for busy mothers who want to make extra money while spending time with their children.

Photo booths are a fun way to entertain your guests and promote your business simultaneously. They are also a great way to create memories that your guests will never forget.

Other popular side hustles for single mothers include rental, pet sitting, and cleaning services.


9: Wedding Planning/Planner

Among all of the single mother hustles out there, wedding planning can be one of the most lucrative and satisfying. Many couples are balancing work and family responsibilities, so they are looking for a third party to help with their wedding planning.

There are plenty of online resources that offer free or low-cost wedding planning services. eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook groups are all excellent sources for finding talented designers, caterers, photographers, and other professionals.

Some mothers do all the DIY wedding planning, while others outsource specific tasks to professionals. Whichever route you choose, ensure you have a solid plan and goals before beginning your search.

Once you have a list of candidates and narrowed them down to a few finalists, it’s time to start negotiating! Be prepared to give away some valuable concessions to land the job!

Wedding planning is an intense but rewarding experience that can leave you grateful and excited for your big day. If you’re interested in pursuing a side hustle in this area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!


10: Tutoring

Side hustles can be a great way to make extra money and help to supplement your income. Many side hustles are available to single mothers and can provide valuable supplemental income.

Some of the single mothers’ most popular side hustles include tutoring, pet care, and home repair. These industries are filled with potential customers who need services they cannot easily find elsewhere.

Single mothers can also find opportunities in the hospitality industry. It includes restaurants, barbershops, and other businesses that cater to the general public. Single moms have a lot to offer the hospitality industry!

If you are interested in starting a side hustle, be sure to research the market and find opportunities that match your skills and interests. No Universal Side Hustle guidebook exists, but plenty of resources are available online. Start small and work your way up as you find more success!

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