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10 Great Work-at-Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Work-at-Home mom jobs make it simple to be with your offspring and still contribute towards the payment of bills of the family. It also permits you to dodge spending the high cost of childcare. There are many sources of income which helps mothers to gain financial independence without compromising with the upbringing of their children. Here are the top 10 stay-at-home mom jobs which mothers can potentially seek for.


  1. Freelancing Writing


 Freelancing writing is a very common way to earn and is backed by many writers who prefer to work from home. There are plenty of jobs freelancing jobs available in the market and right skill set and expertise will help you to choose your niche. This can include a blog, newsletters, email marketing, or marketing copy. The earning amount will depend on your flexibility. As a beginner you should select a niche topic and then explore after having certain viewpoints over other topics Nevertheless, it is perfect for mothers since it allows them to make their schedule.


  1. Blogging


 Blogging is a type of freelancing writing where one does not have fixed deadlines and straightforward topics. It connects you with the outer world. Suppose you are a mother then you can write blogs about how you take care of your child. What type of food and clothes are children comfortable with? It will help you create a loyal user base with a micro-niche. By writing your blogs you can be master of your own. You can choose your topics and write at your own time. You can write about what you are enthusiastic or informed about including cooking, travel, and personal finance. Try to post daily or at least 3 times a week. Try to maintain your content standard. Brand connections and social presence will be an advantage. 

  1. Social Media Marketing


It is expected that brands like to make their social presence and they require people for the same. Many corporations require social media managers for maintaining their social media pages. And there is a lot more than making Facebook or Instagram pages for social media manager. A social media manager must keep the brand image clean and make engagements with the customers. They design online profiles, post pictures on Instagram, curate collections on Pinterest, and respond to questions on Twitter. They can even manage comments, edit videos, or manage Facebook ads. Since the tasks are so diverse, social media marketing allows you to turn skills you already have into a manageable work-from-home job.


  1. Graphic Design


 If you have a keen interest in colours, graphics and design then graphic design is the best work from home for you. The working timings are adjustable, and you can decide which time of the day you want to work and with whom. It also has a low cost and mostly you will get free software for beginners. You can also subtract these expenses on your taxes. You can also use your predesigned canvas for designing new websites.


  1. App and plugin development


If you have powerful coding abilities, you can use them to generate apps and website plug-ins for others. Most of this task is freelance, which means you have the independence to choose how much you work and how much to charge. You can even design custom apps or plug-ins for customers who hire you.


  1. Virtual Assistance


A vast number of start-ups and businesses are hiring Virtual Assistance for managing bookings, sending emails, scheduling travels, and editing content. It is a cost-effective solution for companies, and they can put their capital and resources in their core product.

Most VAs operate as freelancers, giving mothers a very good chance to earn. Most companies prefer a candidate with great communication skills and with good presentation. Your earning depends on your working hour and your client budget.


  1. Selling Photos Online


Do you fancy to take photographs, even just on your phone? Then marketing photos online might be an excellent way for you to stay domestic with your kids and still make money.

Some websites will pay you to use your photos as stock photos. It is straightforward to get started with these sites – just upload your photos. When a person or company chooses your photo, you get compensated.


  1. Proofreading


Do you love correcting grammar? Then becoming a freelance proof-reader might be the perfect work from home job for you. It is perfect for moms having good English and impeccable grammar. Proof-readers eradicate all the mistakes present in an article and help in better reading. Many proof-readers are self-employed and have the liberty to work according to their wish. You can work anywhere from a few hours per week to 30 hours depending on your availability.


  1. Online Tutoring


The online education arena is evolving swiftly, and there are tons of jobs accessible for those looking to teach or tutor online. Even if you do not have a teaching diploma, you can still find employment as an online teacher.

One way to get commenced is by teaching English to kids in other countries online, especially in China. Various companies are constantly choosing mentors.


  1. Health Coaching


Health and wellness coaching are a thriving business. With more spirits seeing for ways to get healthy and strong, there is a need for teachers who can help conduct them on their robustness journey.

An online health coach gives guidance, analyses in with customers, and advocates. In most circumstances, all you require to get started is a desire for health and a desire to help others. Verify with your local laws and ordinances to make sure you do not need any certifications or permissions to operate as a health coach.


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