At Verifile, we believe in a World where honesty and openness prevail, so we champion truth and the accuracy of facts. We partner with thousands of clients across the globe, empowering them with the knowledge, confidence and support they need to make the most informed and intelligent decisions, affecting millions of people. We do this through our technology, supported by our expertise. You’ll be partnering with our clients to deliver an excellent experience and guide them through the process. You’ll take pride in building long term relationships with our clients and giving them confidence and support to make the most informed decisions and secure the best candidates for their roles.

Client Support:

* Responsible for liaising with Verifile’s clients, ensuring that the background screening of their candidates is carried out efficiently and accurately

* You’ll be the client’s primary point of contact within Verifile, using your excellent communication skills to guide them through the online screening process and deliver exemplary customer service.

* You’ll build effective working rapports with clients and communicate information accurately

* You will provide advice to clients regarding the Verifile’s background checks, paying attention to detail andalways doing your research first before giving your professional guidance.

* You love building relationships so reaching out to our clients to explain our background screening process and all its wonders and complexities, is an exciting aspect of your day to day role

* You'll rise to the challenge of receiving and responding to enquiries from clients

* You have a knack for detail, so you thrive on meticulously reviewing online screening forms and notes recorded by all Verifile teams in order to ensure that clients are only chased for necessary information

* You've been called polite before as well as tactful, therefore you have no issues with proactively following up with clients for any additional information required of our client’s candidates

* You’ll also record all correspondence with clients to ensure that accurate and comprehensive information sharing is facilitated across the Verifile teams – because we work as one team!

Essential Skills:

* Previous experience of working within a customer facing role

* Fluent English

* Good typing and data entry skills

* Good computer skills, including email, the internet and MS Office.

* Minimum of 3 GCSE’s (including Maths and English at Grade C), or equivalent

Desirable Skills:

* Fluent in a second language

* Knowledge or experience of the HR Industry

* A passion for working with technology and using it to help us advance our mission


* You will want to be part of something special and contribute to the success of the team

* You’ll be a confident speaker, with a professional manner and good interpersonal skills, who loves supporting and helping others

* You’ll be an excellent communicator, articulate, with the ability to build rapport quickly and provide a great customer service.

* You’ll be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, working across multiple clients at any one time and handling high volumes of requirements.

* You’ll be curious, questioning and have an analytical approach to review a completed screening form and identify gaps, trends and issues in information provided by candidates.

* Excellent planning and organisational skills to successfully co-ordinate a high number of activities, with excellent time management, prioritisation, and the ability to remain calm and objective under pressure

* You will have excellent attention to detail, the ability to take notes quickly and accurately, focused on quality and inspired by completing tasks accurately

* You’ll be able to work independently but also a great team player

* High standard of personal presentation and conduct, including integrity, confidentiality and sensitivity and a strong commitment to the organisation

* You will be enthusiastic, positive, self-motivated, quick to learn, hard-working, with a flexible can-do attitude

* You’ll strive for high standards of professionalism, focused on quality in all aspects of delivery, ensuring that Verifile is always represented professionally