Work from home Job data entry tasks |

Work from home Job data entry tasks


Remote work 

Working remotely is becoming a common trend and it’s associated with the part time, full time, contractual and project work as well. Remote work is meaning that working from the home at your comfort level while connecting with the community of virtual of different stakeholders of the job as well. so COVID-19is becoming the remote work year. Data entry is one of the important fields in research work.

Remote work and google search 

Google is one of the biggest source to provide data into a second and all you need to do is to find the right keyword or subjects on the search bar and it will provide a list of search lists as well. so, these are the data that help you to pick the right information for you and they are constantly using the google search as well. So google is a technological company which facilitates young graduates or professionals to use the internet effectively and find some good software of the different company, finding some professional on different social networking sites forum such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other sites as well.

Data Science

Data science is interdisciplinary field in nature. Its highlight the important concept of understanding and analyzing phenomena of the knowledge and the data is used for the benefits of the society as well. In order to learn effectively about the use of data, we usually learn about ethical concern involve in research methods while receiving data from different sources from the research design such as conducting interview as a data collection tool, receiving survey, and using different software to analyze and use the data effectively.

Data Entry courses

Different universities around the world is offering data entry courses or even providing degree program of undergraduate, postgraduate, or even doctoral to study in data entry courses as well in order to well-equipped in the data entry field as well.

Data entry jobs on freelancing website

There are a lot data entry jobs available on the fiverr platform. The fiverr is one of the biggest platforms for online earning for freelancers as well. we can search a lot of freelancers who are contributing to the area of data entry jobs on fiverr. The data entry positions on fiverr are offered some of the task such as excel data entry, excel copy pasting, excel formatting, data entry on google excel sheets etc. we just need to make an effective gig on fiverr in order to offer such services to the clients as well. In the same manner, Upwork is another freelancing platform which provides a lot of job opportunities in the data entry work and all we need to do is to just sign up and create our profile and apply on different  data entry jobs such as research and data entry work, data excel sheets, data power point presentation, checking background information of the families living in Canada etc. Furthermore, there are many other online freelancing websites to work on the research and data entry work as well.

Data entry online courses

There are a lot of online learning sites which provides an opportunity to do data entry work and learn how to effectively do data analysis as well. these online learning sources are

  • Edx
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Future learns

All we need to do is to just sign up and create your profile info account and apply on data entry courses so that you will be able to learn data analysis course as well.

SPSS Data analysis software

SPSS is one of the data analysis software which is basically used for statistical and its used for different kind of research as well. there are different top research agencies which is used for surveying data, analyzing data, and providing research results as well.


Research Projects are data entry work

Research projects are really important source of income and its really pays well. If the young graduates and professionals are well aware of the job responsibilities of the research work are mentioning below. The research work required focused work and it can be applied by choosing your area of interest field and contacting different professors and write in email to them that you really want to work on research projects as well.  Their salary range around 400 dollars to 500 dollars as well. Reviewing different research articles on Google scholar, Developing research question, Writing research proposals, Writing literature review, Developing research design, Develop and create data collection tool, Give recommendation


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