Work and Live in Style: 20 Exciting Jobs in the UK with Included Housing! |

Dreaming of a job where your accommodation is part of the package? Look no further! In the vibrant job market of the United Kingdom, numerous opportunities exist that not only promise a steady income but also throw in housing to sweeten the deal. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 50 diverse jobs that not only fuel your career ambitions but also provide the convenience of on-site living.

  1. Personal Care Assistant:
    • Description: Offer daily care and support to individuals, all while enjoying the comfort of included housing.
  2. Estate Management Guru:
    • Description: Command the operations and upkeep of expansive properties, with your own on-site haven.
  3. Hotel Maestro:
    • Description: Navigate the daily ins and outs of a hotel, possibly with the added perk of on-site living quarters.
  4. Agricultural Maestro:
    • Description: Oversee farm operations and revel in the rural lifestyle with on-site accommodation.
  5. Guardian of Nature – Park Ranger:
    • Description: Protect and manage national parks and wildlife reserves, with a cozy on-site abode.
  6. Caretaker Extraordinaire:
    • Description: Keep a property in tip-top shape, all while residing comfortably on-site.
  7. Hostel Hospitality Expert:
    • Description: Manage the operations of a youth hostel, possibly including your own on-site retreat.
  8. Pub Oasis Manager:
    • Description: Run the show at a pub, where some roles may offer the added bonus of on-site living.
  9. Captain of the Seas:
    • Description: Navigate the waters as a boat captain, with some roles providing on-board living spaces.
  10. Housekeeping Wizard in a Guest Wonderland:
    • Description: Perform cleaning miracles in a guest house, complete with on-site living.
  11. Resort Enchantment Crew:
    • Description: Multiple roles in holiday resorts may come with accommodation, like magic for activity coordinators or entertainment staff.
  12. Nursery Oasis Commander:
    • Description: Direct the operations of a nursery, possibly with a charming on-site dwelling.
  13. Campus Guardian Angel:
    • Description: Ensure campus safety with some roles offering the added perk of on-site accommodation.
  14. National Trust Castle Custodian:
    • Description: Manage and cherish National Trust properties, with the added charm of on-site living.
  15. Conference Maestro:
    • Description: Coordinate events and conferences with the luxury of possibly included accommodation.
  16. Museum Magician Curator:
    • Description: Curate collections and exhibitions in a museum, perhaps with the added bonus of on-site living.
  17. Campsite Bliss Guardian:
    • Description: Manage and oversee a campsite with the potential for on-site accommodations.
  18. Education Wonderland Coordinator:
    • Description: Coordinate educational programs with the added charm of provided accommodation.
  19. Golf Kingdom Manager:
    • Description: Rule the golf course kingdom with some roles offering the royal treatment of on-site housing.
  20. Community Center Maestro:
    • Description: Coordinate community activities and programs with accommodation options for the staff.


These 20 enticing jobs merely scratch the surface of opportunities in the UK where your home is part of the job package. From offering care to managing estates, coordinating events to nurturing young minds, these roles not only promise a paycheck but also the added comfort of living on-site. Remember, each opportunity is unique, so dive deep into your research before embarking on a career adventure that includes both a job and a cozy place to call home. Your dream job with included housing might be just around the corner!


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