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The subclass 462 visa permits specific sightseers matured somewhere in the range of 18 and 30 (comprehensive) years old to have a lengthy holiday in Australia while enhancing their funds with short work. 


It allows many passages into and exits from Australia and is valid for a long time. Visa holders can, by and large, work for as long as a half year with any one boss and can read up for as long as four months. 


Work as long as a year for certain kinds of indicated work and provincial regions might be conceivable. 


There is a yearly cutoff on the quantity of first Work and Holiday visas conceded to every country. Each visa program year is reset on July 1.




Note: These are the base requirements for an application for this kind of visa. Contingent to your particular conditions, you might have to meet different needs.


You should:


  • Be 18 to 30 years of age (comprehensive)
  • Apply from outside Australia
  • not be joined by subordinate youngsters
  • Not recently have a subclass 462 or 417 visa entered Australia. See the second Work and Holiday visa if you recently arrived in Australia on a subclass 462 visa.


Contingent on your country of beginning, you will likewise have to meet other explicit requirements, which might include:


  • the Culmination of a specific degree of education (for example, secondary school, tertiary review/capability)
  • English language capability (for example, IELTS in a general band score of 4.5)
  • home government support (for sample letter of help from your home government)


Additionally, if you’re requesting your second Work and Holiday visa:

Have finished three calendars, a very long time of determined work in provincial Australia while on your most memorable Work and Holiday visa


From July 1, 2019, to be qualified for a third Work and Holiday visa, you should:


  • Having completed six calendars of predetermined work in territory Australia while holding a second Work and Holiday visa on or after July 1, 2019.


THE Predetermined WORK Prerequisite Briefly OR THIRD VISA


The accompanying enterprises and locales are endorsed for determining work:


  • plant and animal development in northern Australia and other determined areas of territorial Australia
  • fishing and pearling in the north of Australia, as it were
  • tree cultivating and felling in the north of Australia, as it were
  • tourism and hospitality in the north of Australia, as it were


Indicated work is any work portrayed underneath, which should be the essential job, capability, or action performed during your business.


The time of determined work (either three months briefly Work and Holiday visa or a half year for a third Work and Holiday visa) implies a proven time of paid, full-time comparable work over a base time of 88 calendar days (for quite some time) or 176 calendar days (for a considerable length of time) in local Australia. 


‘Provincial Australia’ is characterized by postcodes. One day of full-time work is required to be the typical number of hours out of every day (or shift) viewed as standard for that particular industry and the job in which you are utilized. You can finish the work in different ways.


For instance, to be qualified Work and Holiday visa briefly, a candidate should prove the following:


  • Working full time, five days out of each week for a constant three calendar month duration, remembering for a piecework rate agreement OR
  • Working under five days out of each week in any mix of full-time, part-time, or piecework rate work, which amounts to what could be compared to five days seven days more than three calendar months OR
  • I work under five days, seven days over a more extended period than three calendar months, for a piece work rate agreement.


The work can accompany one business or a few and spread over your visit to Australia. 

Likewise, you can work longer than expected in territorial Australia to determine the outcome. 


Paid public holiday leave and days off are considered a day of determined work. Neglected vacations or holidays and neglected days because of extreme or occasional climate are not counted.


Refreshes for Subclass 417 and 462 Visa


Young adults from certain countries can work in Australia under the Subclass 417 WHV and the Subclass 462 WHV Visa to help pay for their vacation.


This visa is usually legitimate for a very long time. In any case, in certain conditions, visa holders can apply briefly or third working holiday visa.


Indicated work


UPDATE April 22, 2022


The Government has changed the kind and areas of indicated work for working holiday producer visas – subclass 417 and 462. The alterations include:


  • Flood recovery is any paid or unpaid work done in flood-affected areas of NSW and QLD after December 31, 2021.
  • BUSHFIRE RECOVERY WORK – work accepted that is produced or disregarded in areas affected by bushfires after July 31, 2019.
  • A total of four new postcodes have been added for tourism and hospitality:

    4406, 4416, 4498 – QLD

    7215 – TAS


As a rule, visa holders should work for no less than 90 days in ‘determined work’ to apply for the second WHV. Likewise, if the candidate means to apply for a third working holiday visa, they should work at least a half year in the ‘predefined work’.


By and large, determined work for Subclass 417 should be taken in local Australia. The areas of work include:


  • plant and animal development in provincial Australia
  • fishing and pearling in territorial Australia
  • tree cultivating and felling in regional Australia
  • mining in local Australia
  • construction in local Australia


For Subclass 462, the areas of work viewed as ‘determined work’ include:


  • plant and animal development in northern Australia and other determined areas of territorial Australia
  • fishing and pearling in Northern Australia, as it were
  • tree cultivating and felling in Northern Australia, as it were
  • tourism and hospitality in Northern Australia, as it were
  • construction in Northern Australia and other determined areas of territorial Australia


Nonetheless, as part of the Government’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘determined work’ has been reached to incorporate working holiday creators in the healthcare and medical field. This work should be possible anyplace in Australia. It isn’t confined to local Australia.


Healthcare and medical area work does exclude general organization work or selling individual defensive hardware. 


The candidate’s work should include medical therapy, nursing, contact following, testing, and examination. In addition, the candidate can offer help administration, including cleaning medical and medical services offices.


The new definition will apply to the application form from August 19, 2020.


Application Cycle


The visa application is held up with the Department of Home Affairs (‘DOHA’) alongside any supporting documents. The fundamental measure is that you fulfill the requirements recorded previously. 


You should likewise approach adequate funds to help yourself during the underlying phases of your holiday. Moreover, you should meet specific well-being and character requirements and might come to give proof of well-being and additional travel protection.


You should enter Australia within a year of the date your visa is conceded. You may then work in any area in Australia, given that you don’t work for over a half year with any one boss except if an exclusion applies. 


You should likewise study for at least four months.

Note: Your subclass 462 visa might depend on a ‘No Further Stay’ condition, implying that you can not matter for any other keys while in Australia. 


Regardless of whether your visa isn’t dependent upon this condition, you may have the option to apply for a restricted scope of keys while you are in Australia.


The time it takes the DOHA to handle your application is subject to its handling time administration norms. It may likewise differ because of various elements, including the intricacy of your case, saw risk factors, and handling needs. 


If it’s not too much bother, get in touch with us for the most recent information on the expected processing times for this application.

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