Why do recruiters ask for candidate’s emails before phone interviews? | Roamingdesk.com

Why Recruiters Ask for Your Email Before Phone Interviews

Ever wondered why recruiters ask for your email before that crucial phone interview? Well, there are some good reasons:

  1. Smooth Communication: Email is a reliable and formal way to chat. Recruiters can send you all the important stuff about the interview – the when, where, and how – in a neat, organized email.
  2. The Written Record: With email, there’s a record of the interview appointment. Both you and the recruiter have it in your email inboxes. That means fewer mix-ups and no-shows.
  3. Confirmation and Reminders: Recruiters can send you confirmations and reminders. This helps you prepare and remember your interview. No last-minute panics!
  4. After the Interview: Email is handy for post-interview follow-ups. Recruiters can give you feedback, ask for more info, or let you know what’s next in the hiring process.
  5. Privacy and Ease: Emails are private, and you can read them whenever you like. You don’t need to pick up the phone right away. It’s convenient for everyone.
  6. Efficiency: Sorting out things like scheduling and interview details by email can save time. It’s quicker and easier, especially if there are lots of interviews to manage.
  7. Across the Globe: Email works well in international hiring. It sidesteps tricky time zone issues, and everyone gets the interview info in writing.

Recruiters often use a mix of email and phone interviews. They set up interviews and share important info by email, but they usually do the actual interview on the phone or via video. This combo keeps the hiring process running smoothly.


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