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When to Quit Your Job In today’s environment, it is becoming more and more common to change jobs regularly. According to surveys 71% of UK workers currently have a job, and 29% of workers say they are actively looking for a new job or are willing to accept a new job.


According to surveys in 2022, 70% of respondents said they had hired a job hopper, and 30% said they were looking forward to a career change.


But the decision to quit your job is very personal. Maybe you accepted your current job, but it’s not what you expected, and you can’t wait to leave. Or maybe you love your job, have been there for years, and feel the need to do something different.


Here are some tips for navigating this grey area ​​.


If Your Job Is Not What You Expected –


Working for a year is a great opportunity to make your resume look good and achieve what you want (gain more experience at work) and it gives me the discipline to do a good job


It also ensures that you do not do anything reckless that could damage your finances or your reputation in the industry. Be patient and try to find ways to make your current job as enjoyable as possible until it’s time to move on.


For example, if you currently feel underutilized and spend your days looking for ways to be productive, deal with it. Even if you feel like your boss should know that you’re not busy enough, it’s your responsibility to try to resolve the situation. Perhaps your boss is having a hard time letting go of work and needs to be reminded that you are a motivated and hardworking team player.


Another good thing about letting your boss know is that you need to keep on good terms with him or her and try to get the most out of your current job so that you’re not burning bridges. You never know when you might need a referral or an introduction and being in the same industry you might run into someone from the same company again.


The main advantage of staying for a year and taking responsibility for your situation is the opportunity to build relationships and likely learn some of the skills in the process that’s why you took on the job in the first place.



Exceptions to the One-Year Rule


But there are exceptions to every rule. Staying may not be a good idea.


“If you’ve been at a job for three months and realize that it was a bad fit, to begin with, you should not stay with the company until a year is up just so you can say that you worked there a year,” says, John, Founder of Roamingdesk.com. “You could be missing out on opportunities to work and build a career within a company that better meets your needs.”


Pitts-Kyser suggests that you don’t need to put every job on your resume and that you should think of your resume as a marketing piece, not a job application. “If you think having a position on your resume will look bad or draw questions, it’s best to have it on there


You should also look at the option of working remotely, Roamingdesk.com is the best way you can find remote jobs in the industry, we have placed so many people with remote / work-from-home jobs.


Also, there is the option of working two remote jobs at a time, although this is not always recommended, however so many people do it and earn large sums of income without leaving the comfort of their homes.



Whatever you do, whether it’s getting a job from Roamingdesk.com and working from home or its working in an office environment sitting next to your boss, just try and make the most of it and be happy. Never stay in a job you do not like and if you find yourself in that situation (depends on circumstances) don’t quit find another job that you would enjoy.

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