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Unlocking the Code: What UK Recruiters Seek in Software Testers

When UK recruiters are on the hunt for software testers, they’re after a mix of technical smarts, people skills, and relevant experience. Here’s what catches their eye:

  1. Tech Know-How:
    • Testing Tools: You should be comfy with testing tools like Selenium and know how to use them.
    • Scripting Skills: Understand scripting languages like Python to create test scripts.
    • Test Automation: Being good at automated testing is a big plus.
  2. Testing Tricks:
    • Different Approaches: Know about manual testing, automated testing, and exploratory testing.
    • Agile and Scrum: Get the hang of Agile and Scrum because they’re used a lot in software.
  3. Designing Tests: You should know how to make smart test cases that cover lots of scenarios.
  4. Tracking Bugs: Can you use tools like JIRA or Bugzilla to report and track problems in the software?
  5. Talk the Talk:
    • Communicate Well: Talk clearly and write well. You’ll need these skills to create test plans, report issues, and work with your team.
    • Team Player: You’ll be working with developers, product managers, and others, so teamwork is crucial.
  6. Thinking Cap: Think and analyze. You’ll need to understand software requirements and find potential problems.
  7. Eye for Detail: Notice even the tiniest mistakes in software.
  8. Problem-Solving: Find issues and suggest solutions using your smart thinking.
  9. Adapt to Change: Be flexible and change with the project needs.
  10. Stay Smart: Keep learning and stay updated on the latest testing methods and trends.
  11. Get Certified: Some recruiters like to see certifications, like ISTQB, which show your commitment to being a pro.
  12. Know Your Field: In some cases, it helps to know the industry or area you’re testing in, like finance or healthcare.
  13. Solving Problems: Be great at figuring out why bugs happen and how to fix them.
  14. Time’s Ticking: Manage your time well. Meeting deadlines and sharing results on time is a big deal.
  15. User Focus: Make sure the software works well for the people using it.
  16. Keep the Old Stuff Working: Don’t forget to test older features when new things are added.
  17. Safety First: Be aware of security testing and what keeps software safe.
  18. Get Certified: Showing off your testing certifications, like ISTQB, can prove you’re the real deal.

Recruiters use a mix of these qualities to pick the right testers, depending on what their team and project need. To stand out, testers should show off their skills and experience during the hiring process.


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