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LeetCode and similar websites are valuable resources for preparing for software engineering interviews, and they have become increasingly popular for a good reason. Here’s my perspective on their role in interview preparation:


  1. Realistic Problem Solving: LeetCode offers a vast collection of coding challenges that closely resemble the types of problems encountered in technical interviews. Practicing on these platforms helps candidates develop problem-solving skills relevant to the job.
  2. Algorithm and Data Structure Mastery: These platforms emphasize algorithms and data structures, which are fundamental to software development. Building a strong foundation in these areas is crucial for success in technical interviews and in real-world coding scenarios.
  3. Variety of Problems: LeetCode and similar platforms cover a wide range of difficulty levels, from easy to extremely challenging. This diversity allows candidates to progress from basic to advanced problems, catering to their skill levels.
  4. Community and Solutions: Many users share their solutions and discuss problems on these platforms, creating a supportive learning environment. You can learn from others, see different approaches to solving problems, and gain insights into best practices.
  5. Interview Simulations: LeetCode Premium, for example, offers mock interviews with actual interview questions from top tech companies, providing a realistic interview experience.


  1. Focus on Algorithmic Skills: While LeetCode is excellent for algorithmic questions, it might not cover the broader aspects of software engineering interviews, such as system design, behavioral questions, or real-world problem-solving scenarios.
  2. Overemphasis on Speed: Some candidates might get caught up in trying to solve problems as quickly as possible. While speed is important in interviews, it’s also crucial to understand the underlying principles thoroughly.
  3. Limited Feedback: These platforms often provide automated feedback on whether your solution is correct, but they may not offer detailed insights or explanations. Seeking additional resources or mentorship may be necessary.


LeetCode and similar websites are powerful tools for enhancing your problem-solving and coding skills, which are essential for software engineering interviews. However, they are just one component of a comprehensive interview preparation strategy. To excel in interviews, you should also practice system design, behavioral questions, and other aspects of the interview process. Balancing your preparation is key, and combining these platforms with books, courses, mock interviews, and real-world projects is a well-rounded approach. Ultimately, the effectiveness of LeetCode depends on how you use it and how it fits into your overall preparation plan.


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