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If you’re an SSE employee and want to work differently, we can help. We offer a range of flexible working options to find the right balance for you and your family. From remote working to part-time opportunities, we have something that will suit your needs and let you work from anywhere in the UK. Plus, we offer some benefits, such as pension contributions and healthcare coverage, to ensure that you’re taken care of while working different hours. So if you’re interested in finding out more about our flexible working options, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss them with you.

What is flexible working?

SSE flexible working is a way to work differently at the energy company. It allows you to choose how you work when you work, and where you work. This means that you can have more control over your career and life.


There are different types of flexible working, so it’s essential to find out what suits you best. You can choose between:


  1. Fixed-term contracts – With this type of flexible working, you agree to a set contract duration but can continue to work after this time if you wish. This gives you certainty about your future and protects your employment rights.


  1. Permanent contracts with variable working – With this type of flexible working, your agreement will be for a fixed duration. Still, your work hours will vary according to customer or supplier demand. This means less stability in your income, but it also gives you more freedom and control over your career.


  1. Career breaks – If you need a break from your career but still want some flexibility in your working schedule, then taking a career break could be the right option. A career break can last up to 12 months with no loss of pay or benefits (although there may be some restrictions on what type of job or roles you can take during this time).

What are the benefits of flexible working?

Working SSE flexibly is becoming increasingly popular, as it can offer many benefits. Here are some of the most significant ones:


1) Increased Productivity

If you can work from home or in different locations, you’ll be able to accomplish more in a more limited amount of time. You’ll also be less likely to be distracted, which will lead to increased productivity.


2) Lower Stress Levels

Flexible working can reduce stress levels because you’ll have more control over your life and work. This allows you to deal with your time better and spotlight your work instead of the pressure of working circumstances.


3) Improved Motivation

If you feel like your job is not giving you the satisfaction you need, flexible working may be the solution for you. With greater autonomy and flexibility, you’re more likely to stay motivated and want to continue working at your company.

Besides these three main benefits, there are other reasons why flexible working can be an excellent decision for employees:

– Reduced Health Risks You may be less likely to suffer from health problems if you have regular breaks and opportunities for rest. This is because having a flexible schedule helps keep your body active and healthy throughout the day. – Increased Career Opportunities Working flexibly can help open up new career opportunities by allowing you to specialize in specific areas or take on new tasks. – Improved Relationship Quality Flexible working can improve relationship quality by giving employees more time away from

How does SSE’s flexible working work?

SSE’s flexible working allows employees to work differently, depending on their needs and preferences. This can include working from home, working part-time, or in a different way around holidays.


There are some benefits to flexible work, such as improved work-life balance. Employees can also take advantage of new opportunities, if they are available, without having to worry about their job.


SSE offers a variety of flexible working options, including:


  • Working from home: This is the perfect option for employees who want to work flexibly but still have the support of a team. You can set up your laptop at home and work without transport or distractions.


  • Working part-time: Part-time working can be a great way to manage your work and personal life. It allows you to balance your commitments while maintaining a good balance in your pay packet.


  • Changing your hours: If you need more time off during the week or want to shift your hours around, so you’re not traveling on public transport at night, you can do this under flexible working arrangements. You’ll need to give notice and let SSE know what changes you’d like to make.

What are the restrictions on flexible working at SSE?

SSE is a flexible employer, meaning you can work different hours, days, and weeks. You can also work from home if you want to. There are no limitations on how long you work each week or the number of days you work in seven days. You can choose when and how often you take holidays, too.


If you’re happy with how your working schedule changes weekly, then SSE is the perfect place for you!

What are the risks of not being flexible?

If you’re not comfortable with flexible working, there are potential risks. Not being flexible could lead to tension in the workplace and decreased productivity. It can also cause burnout and stress, which can harm your health. Here are some of the risks of not being flexible:


-Tension in the workplace: If you’re not comfortable with flexible working, tension may be building up in the workplace. This tension could lead to clashes between colleagues trying to work differently and even lead to conflict within the team.


-Decreased productivity: Not being able to work flexibly can significantly impact your productivity. Developing new ideas or concepts can be challenging when forced into a particular way of working. This can decrease your ability to produce quality work, which could knock on your career prospects.


-Burnout and stress: Not being able to work flexibly can also lead to burnout and stress. When you’re constantly under pressure, it’s easy for your body and mind to give up. This can hurt your mental and physical health, so it’s essential to be as flexible as possible if you want to maintain optimal well-being.

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