What are the most persistently in demand jobs in the UK? | Roamingdesk.com

  1. Doctors and Nurses: People always need healthcare, so doctors and nurses are important.
  2. Computer Wizards: People who work with computers, like making websites or keeping them safe, are always wanted.
  3. Building Makers: People who build things like bridges, machines, and electrical stuff are needed.
  4. Teachers: Teachers are always in demand, especially those who can teach math and science.
  5. Fix-It Folks: People who can fix things like pipes and wires are important for our homes.
  6. Money Managers: People who help with money and finances are necessary for businesses.
  7. Internet Marketers: People who promote things online are in demand because more things are sold online now.
  8. Sales Stars: People who are good at selling things and making businesses grow are needed.
  9. Healthcare Helpers: People who care for the sick and elderly are always necessary.
  10. Green Jobs: Jobs that help protect the environment and use clean energy are becoming more important.
  11. Legal Eagles: People who know the law and help with legal stuff are needed.
  12. Project Leaders: People who manage big projects and get things done are important.
  13. Data Detectives: People who are good at understanding data are needed to help businesses.
  14. Helping Hands: Occupational therapists make life better for people with health problems.
  15. Promoters: People who help advertise and talk about products and organizations are important.

Remember, the demand for jobs can change, so it’s good to keep an eye on what’s happening in the job world, especially because of the COVID-19 situation.


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