What are some ways to say “I like” in an IELTS interview? | Roamingdesk.com

In an IELTS interview, using a variety of vocabulary to express your preferences can demonstrate your language proficiency. Instead of repeatedly saying “I like,” consider using these alternative phrases to convey your preferences:

  1. I enjoy: “I enjoy hiking in the mountains.”
  2. I’m fond of: “I’m fond of reading classic literature.”
  3. I’m keen on: “I’m keen on playing musical instruments.”
  4. I have a passion for: “I have a passion for cooking.”
  5. I’m into: “I’m into photography as a hobby.”
  6. I’m a fan of: “I’m a fan of science fiction movies.”
  7. I’m crazy about: “I’m crazy about traveling and exploring new cultures.”
  8. I’m partial to: “I’m partial to trying new foods.”
  9. I have a soft spot for: “I have a soft spot for animals, especially dogs.”
  10. I’m really into: “I’m really into gardening these days.”
  11. I’m quite taken with: “I’m quite taken with learning new languages.”
  12. I’m very much into: “I’m very much into yoga and meditation.”
  13. I’m a big enthusiast of: “I’m a big enthusiast of outdoor sports.”
  14. I’m addicted to: “I’m addicted to playing video games.”
  15. I’m quite a fan of: “I’m quite a fan of classic rock music.”
  16. I’m heavily into: “I’m heavily into following current events.”

Using these variations can make your speech more engaging and showcase your English language skills during your IELTS interview.


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