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How Facebook and Google Use Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

Facebook and Google use clever computer smarts to help them find the right people for their jobs. Here’s how they do it:


  1. Finding People: Facebook’s computer brain looks at the internet to find possible job candidates. It checks places like LinkedIn or GitHub to find folks who might fit their jobs.
  2. Checking Resumes: Facebook’s computers are really good at reading resumes fast. They check if people have the right experience and skills for the job.
  3. Talking with Chatbots: Facebook uses computer chatbots to chat with people who want to work there. These chatbots can answer questions and do simple interviews.
  4. Skills Tests: They use computer tests to see if people have the right skills. For example, if you’re a programmer, they might give you a coding test.
  5. Guessing Who’s Good: Facebook’s computers guess who might be good at a job by looking at past hiring data. They try to find patterns in the information.


  1. Matching People: Google’s computer brain matches people with the right jobs. It looks at what skills people have and where they live to suggest jobs.
  2. Reading Resumes: Google’s computers read and understand resumes. They pull out important info like where people worked and what they can do.
  3. Watching Interviews: Google has tried using computers to watch how people act in video interviews. This helps them learn more about candidates.
  4. Diversity Efforts: Google uses computer help to make sure they hire people from different backgrounds. Computers can spot any unfair stuff and fix it.
  5. Picking the Best: Google’s computers can rank and choose candidates based on their skills and the job needs. This helps their recruiters focus on the top picks.
  6. Sending Messages: Computers can send messages to people who might want to work at Google. They tell them about jobs and invite them to apply.

Using computers for hiring can be really useful, but it also needs to be fair and follow rules. Both Facebook and Google work hard to make sure their computers do the right thing when hiring people. And don’t forget, real people still make the final decision!


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