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How to Convince the Interviewer to Hire You: Easy Tips

  1. Know the Job and Company:
    • Learn about the job and the company before the interview. This helps you connect your skills to what they need.
  2. Talk About Your Best Qualities:
    • Think about what makes you great for the job. Tell them why you stand out.
  3. Match Your Skills to the Job:
    • Show how your skills match what they want. Explain how your experience fits the job.
  4. Give Examples:
    • Use real stories and numbers to show what you’ve achieved. Like, “I made sales go up by 20% in six months.”
  5. Be Excited:
    • Show you’re really excited about the job and the company. They like people who are enthusiastic.
  6. Talk About Your Experience:
    • Tell them about things you’ve done that are similar to the job. Explain how that helps you do well in this job.
  7. Tell Stories:
    • When they ask about times you did things, use the STAR method. First, say the situation, then the task, what you did, and what happened.
  8. Solve Their Problems:
    • Say how you can help with their problems. Show how you can make things better for them.
  9. Learn Fast:
    • Say you can learn things quickly. In fast workplaces, being able to learn is important.
  10. Skills That Aren’t Techie:
    • Talk about skills like talking to people, working in a team, and solving problems. These are important, too.
  11. Ask Questions:
    • Ask good questions about the job and the company. This shows you’re interested.
  12. Stay a While:
    • If you want to stay at the company for a long time, tell them. Companies like people who want to be around for a while.
  13. Be Sure of Yourself:
    • Feel confident, but don’t act like you’re the best. Being humble and ready to learn is good.
  14. Stay Positive:
    • Say things in a positive way. Instead of “I don’t know this,” say “I can learn this.”
  15. Questions Are Good:
    • Ask about the job, the team, or the company. This shows you really want to know more.
  16. Think Long-term:
    • Show you plan to stick around. They like people who’ll be with them for a while.
  17. Say Thanks:
    • After the interview, send a nice email to say thanks. This is a chance to remind them why you’re great.
  18. Practice:
    • Try answering common interview questions with a friend or in front of a mirror. It makes you better at the interview.

Remember, the interview is your time to tell them why you’re perfect for the job. Be clear, happy, and talk about how you can help the company succeed.


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