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Here are some jobs that are not too hard to find and don’t require a lot of physical work:

  1. Retail Worker: You can work in a store as a cashier or salesperson. You’ll help customers and handle money.
  2. Customer Service Rep: You’ll talk to people on the phone or online and help them with their questions or problems.
  3. Data Entry: This job involves typing information into a computer. You won’t need to lift heavy things.
  4. Office Assistant: You’ll do tasks like answering phones, scheduling appointments, and organizing papers in an office.
  5. Library Helper: You can work in a library, helping people find books and keeping things organized.
  6. Telemarketer: This job involves making phone calls to tell people about products or services.
  7. Online Freelancer: If you have skills like writing or designing, you can find work online from home.
  8. Transcriptionist: You’ll change spoken words into written text. It’s done on a computer and doesn’t need physical effort.
  9. Virtual Assistant: You’ll assist businesses with tasks like managing emails and schedules, usually from your computer at home.
  10. Quality Tester: You’ll test computer programs for problems. It’s not physically hard and is done on a computer.
  11. Online Tutor: If you’re good at a subject, you can teach it online without physical work.
  12. Medical Billing and Coding: You’ll handle medical billing and coding tasks in an office setting.
  13. Photographer’s Assistant: Help a photographer with their work, which doesn’t require heavy lifting.
  14. Remote Customer Support: Assist customers over the phone or online from your home.
  15. E-commerce Store Owner: Start and manage an online store. You can avoid physical work by outsourcing tasks like shipping.

Remember that these jobs might need specific skills or qualifications, and how easy they are to get can depend on where you live and the job market. Your interests and skills should also guide your choice.


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