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Telecommute / Remote COBOL Programmers write PC programs utilizing COBOL. The configuration, make and configure new program codes, test these PC projects to guarantee they function admirably on the planned system, and roll out the necessary improvements. They additionally adjust DB2 SQL requests, accumulate and report working system requirements, keep up with and foster COBOL, and archive, execute, plan, and upgrade systems and PC programs. remote COBOL Programmers code libraries to work on program writing, test COBOL program mistakes, and correct PC code defective lines.

Remote COBOL Programmer Responsibilities

Here are instances of liabilities from genuine Remote COBOL programmer resumes addressing ordinary undertakings they will probably act in their jobs.

  • Train the nearby programming staff in JCL and in change COBOL coding to exploit the extended mainframe handling limit.
  • Create different VBA large scale apparatuses to robotize revealing and guarantee data exactness, covering evasion and management control.
  • Adjust and unit test programs utilizing SAS, SQL, COBOL and UNIX as indicated by business prerequisite.
  • Work Y2K CICS and cluster adjustments and transformations of recently gained medical clinics using IDMS information bases in a VMS mainframe climate.
  • Work broadly with Changeman bundles, TSO, ISPF and Ingenium base programming.
  • Utilized SQL inquiries to foster test information for QA and tasks, for example, the Relia-Card model.
  • Utilize IBM’s data set apparatus IMS DB/DC (VSAM base).
  • Change the product registry structure from DEV to DEV, QA.
  • Train in ENDEAVOUR, APS, EASYTREIVE, QUICKEDIT, ASDD and another programming necessary to BCBSSC.
  • Lead UNIX preparing for new employees.
  • Create and test PROCS for comparing programs.
  • Web development utilizing WebFocus, HTML, Java, JavaScript.
  • Make new Java code to deal with data trade between front-end and existing back-end systems.
  • Keep an assortment of other sub-system programs in both clump and CICS all through the system.
  • Coordinate with specialized staff for SDLC, arranging, development, booking, and applications.


Skills of a Remote COBOL Programmer

First of all, COBOL programming and the capacity to work with a COBOL mainframe are fundamental skills for any remote COBOL developer or programmer.


Other skills that are significant for a remote COBOL developer include:

  • Great mainframe programming
  • Inside and out comprehension of venture management and programming development cycle
  • Tremendous information on business processes in medical care, banking, and money areas
  • Information on cutting edge investigating devices
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, Access, and DB2
  • Platforms/Systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM Mainframe
  • Programming Languages: CICS, Visual Basic, COBOL, TSO, JSL, and QMF.
  • Tools: ENDEAVOUR, XPEDITER, Test Director, and JES2.


Aside from excellent specialized skills, remote COBOL Programmers also require specific delicate skills to manage their work. These include,


  • Analytical skills: Computer programmers should comprehend complex directions to make PC code.
  • Focusing: Programmers should have the option to work at a PC, composing lines of code for significant stretches.
  • Thorough – Computer programmers should intently analyze the code they compose because a bit slip-up can influence the whole PC program.
  • Troubleshooting skills: A significant piece of a programmer’s job is to check the code for mistakes and fix any they find.
  • Relationship Management – Able to assemble valuable and viable relationships inside a group or freely


Job Background

Most remote COBOL Programmers have a four-year certification; nonetheless, a few businesses recruit labourers with a partner’s degree.

Your programming skills are esteemed considerably more than your degree in the programming field. Notwithstanding, a four-year certification in software engineering goes far with managers.


The paradox here, notwithstanding, is that most Computer Science degrees these days do exclude COBOL programming. Most COBOL experts today are programmers of more seasoned ages. Notwithstanding, specialists accept that COBOL will keep on assuming a significant part soon.



There is a not kidding hole in the necessary COBOL labour force. As more established programmers move towards retirement age, there is an undeniable ascent in COBOL familiar up-and-comers – meaning a pay raise.

Overall, this sets the standard rate at $70,000.


How much does a remote COBOL programmer make annually?

Junior – $49,000

Average – $70,000

Senior – $98,000


What might be said about experienced specialists and experts working remotely with COBOL?

The average specialist rate for remote COBOL specialists adds up to $125/hr. On the off chance that we consider an 8-hour working day, the daily rate would be $1.000 (freelancermap rate file as of May 2019).

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