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Did you know that there are nurses who have started side hustles to supplement their income while still being able to be the most important investment they can be? If the topic sounds like something your friend might have talked about, that’s because it is! Keep Reading this article to find out more.


Ways to Create Multiple Income Streams for Nurses

As a nurse, you know that specialty nursing jobs can be extremely lucrative. However, with the high cost of living in many cities, making ends meet on your hospital salary can be tough. Here are five ways to create additional income streams as a nurse:

  1. Become a freelance writer. With experience and knowledge in your field, freelancing can be a great way to supplement your income while continuing to work in the medical field.
  2. Start a blog and sell advertising space. As a well-educated staff member, you’re likely in demand by businesses looking for bloggers with quality content. It’s also possible to sell advertising on your blog, which could bring in extra monthly money.
  3. Offer tutoring services. With decades of experience under your belt, there’s no reason you can’t start offering tutoring services to students of all ages. It could be an excellent way to build relationships with parents and help students learn at their own pace.
  4. Provide home health care services. Home health care is becoming more and more popular as people age into their retirement years. With proper training and certification from an accredited organization, you could offer home health care services to patients in your area.
  5. Start a consulting business. As a well-educated nurse, you’re likely in demand by businesses looking for help with their day-to-day operations. Starting your own consulting business could give you the freedom to work from home and set your hours.


Best Side Hustles for Nurses

You know that earning a reliable income can be difficult if you’re a nurse. Fortunately, there are several side hustles that you can start to make extra money.

One common side hustle for nurses is tutoring. Offering private tutoring sessions to school children can be lucrative. You can also offer online tutoring sessions to cater to students worldwide.

Another popular side hustle for nurses is simply writing articles and providing content for online blogs. With a little effort, you can start creating your blog and earn money from advertisements and sales of your books and e-courses.

Finally, nursing professionals can also start their own business consulting services. This business could include providing guidance on healthy living, managing chronic illness, or launching a new business venture.

By taking these simple steps, you can begin to build multiple income streams as a nurse. Go ahead – start hustling!


Convenience Stores

For a long time, convenience stores were seen as a simple means to get quick items on the go. However, in recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of convenience store side hustles.

Nurses could pursue many different types of convenience store side hustles. For example, some nurses may want to start working at night when the store is closed, but the parking lot is still open. Others may want to start working during the day when customers are more likely to be shoppers than lunchtime workers.

Whatever type of convenience store side hustles nurse wants to pursue, there are steps they can take to get started. One important step is getting clear on what they’re looking for and what they need from the Side Hustle. It will help them determine if the Side Hustle is right for them and give them a better idea of what they need to do to make it work.

One nurse has determined that if convenience store side hustles are right for them, they need to figure out how to get started. One way is to look online for resources like websites or eBooks that can teach them how to start their own business. Another way is to connect with other nurses already doing convenience store side hustles and ask for advice.

Nurses who want to start a convenience store side hustle can also look for opportunities to volunteer at a local store. Doing this will give them experience working in retail and help them develop business skills. Finally, nurses can also try reaching out to local businesses and see if they can partner with them to bring the convenience store Side Hustle to their area.


Home Based Businesses for Nurses

As a nurse, you know the importance of having multiple income streams. Starting a home-based business can generate extra money to support your retirement or pay off debt.

Here are three popular side hustles that nurses can get started on:

  1. Online Lessons: Many nurses are excellent teachers and offer private tutorials, lecture series, and webinars as online courses. It could include medical transcription, basic diabetes care, or cardiac electrocardiography.
  2. Start A Travel Agency: As a nurse with expert knowledge about travel health risks and immunization requirements, you could start a travel agency that provides trip planning services for busy nurses and healthcare professionals looking to maximize their vacation time.
  3. Write Articles: With years of experience providing care to vulnerable patients and writing about it, many nurses are great writers. Consider starting your blog or freelance writing business if you have writing talent.


Online Marketing Tools for Nurses

Online marketing has become one of the most popular ways to make extra money. With so many devices and platforms available, online marketing professionals have plenty of options.

Below are a few online marketing tools that can be beneficial for nurses:

  1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a popular advertising platform that lets you place ads on search engines. AdWords allows you to target ads based on user’s location, demographics, and interests.

  1. LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising is a great option for targeting active nurses on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Ads provides detailed data about your ad campaign’s performance, including impressions and clicks.

  1. Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is another great way to reach nursing professionals. With Facebook Ads, you can target people interested in similar topics as your business. You can also create custom ads that are specific to your niche market.

  1. Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing is perfect for nurses who want to build an audience around their expertise or hobby. Pinning interesting content from other nurses can help create awareness for your business and spark interest in your services.



There is a myriad of ways to make extra money as a nurse. Here are some tips to get started: whether you’re looking to increase your income or work on side projects to build your portfolio.

  1. Look into opportunities outside of work. There are many opportunities available to nurses willing to look for them. Freelance writing, tutoring, panel participation, and consulting are all great options that may offer supplemental income while you continue working full-time.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take on extra responsibilities. If you’re talented and have the desire, there’s no shame in taking on additional duties to increase your income stream. It could include lead nursing for a unit or working evenings or weekends when usual staffing is lightened.
  3. Start a business. Many nurses start businesses after they retire to have more control over their work schedules and income levels. If this interests you, check out online resources like The Nurse Business Academy or start a Your Nurse Own Business (YNOB) portal website like Nurse Networks encouraging nurses to start their businesses from home!


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