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Review officers are responsible for reviewing the work of judges in Allahabad High Court and UP Secretariat. They also provide feedback to help improve the quality of judgments.
Additionally, review officers may be called upon to draft legal opinions or represent the court in legal proceedings.

What is the job profile of Allahabad High Court’s ARO (Assistant Review officer)?

Asst Review Officer is one of the best posts among 4600-grade pay jobs. Although Asst Review Officer is class 3, non-Gazetted but in 2 years ARO gets promoted to Review Officer (RO) which is a Class 2 Gazetted post.


Asst Review officers are posted in two wings/sections after their joining namely –


1) Juicial wing

2) Non- Judicial/Administrative wing

A) Nature of work- Mainly file work. Asst Review officers form the lower middle level of hierarchy in the Hon’ble Court with Bundle Lifter and Computer Assistants/Routine Grade Clerk below them in the hierarchy. I posted in Judicial sections, they are responsible for all file-related work that enables the Hon’ble court to function smoothly in a time-bound manner. They are responsible for carrying out administrative functions of the Hon’ble courts.

B) Timings- 9.30- 4.30(official) but generally it’s 9.30 to 5.30–6.00.

For female officials, the timing is 9.30–4.30. So, in many ways, ARO/RO in the high Court is considered best for female employees.

C) Work pressure- Moderate in Administration to High in Judicial

D) Promotion details-:

Review Officer (Class two Gazetted) in 2 years-

Section Officer in 6–7 years-

Asst Registrar (Class one) in 3–4 years –

Deputy Registrar (equivalent to Chief Judicial Magistrates) in 4–5 years-

Joint Registrar (equivalent to Addle District Judge) in 4–5 years –

Registrar (equivalent to District Judge) in next 3–4 years.

Also, after completing 5 years’ service, an ARO can sit in Bench Secretary (Nyay-Peeth Sachiv) exam which is 5400 grades pay job and is a very powerful post as a BS is only accountable to Hon’ble justice with whom he is attached.

If an Aro/Ro joins in the early years (before 28) can reach easily up to Registrars of the High Court much before their retirement.

What are the gross and in-hand salaries of a review officer in Allahabad High Court?

Grade pay -4800, gazetted.
Level 8(7th pay commission)
Basic pay-47600
In hand-54–55k

E) Conclusion-


The life of an ARO/RO is a bit tough and there is much pressure till he becomes Section Officer / Asst Registrar (Class 1). In Lucknow Bench, there was a shortage of space for proper seating arrangements but after the New High court Lucknow bench got operational, the problem is solved, and one gets a feel like a corporate office in terms of furniture and other facilities.

Respect is attached to the post. All government debt including Police would respect you.

If preparing for civil services and looking for a strong back-up, then ARO in the High court is perhaps the best option for who would become a Gazetted officer in 2 years. Also, there are plenty of holidays which one would get to spend quality time with family.


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