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The Nomad Residence Permit empowers holders to hold their ongoing business in another country while legitimately dwelling in Malta. The Permit is available to people who can work from a distance and free of area, utilizing telecommunications innovations.


Who is qualified to apply for a Nomad Residence Permit?


To be qualified, candidates should demonstrate that they can work from a distance and free of area, utilizing telecommunications innovations. What’s more, they should be a third-country public. 


The candidate should demonstrate that they fit under any of the three following classes:


  • Work for a business enlisted in a far-off country and has an agreement of work.
  • Direct business action for an organization that is enlisted in an outside country and of which the candidate is an accomplice/shareholder
  • For the most part, we offer freelance or counselling administrations to clients whose long-lasting foundations are in a far-off country and with whom the candidate has tax.


Besides, a candidate should arrive at a month-to-month pay limit of EUR 2,700 gross tax. Extra qualified relatives will have edges set by Residency Malta Agency Policy.


What is the length of a Nomad Residence Permit?


A Nomad Residence Permit will be given for one year. It can be renewed upon application at the prudence of the Residency Malta Agency if the candidate meets the set qualification measures. 


Candidates keen on remaining for under a year will be given a Public Visa substantial 91 days – 180 days, contingent upon the goal of their term of stay.


How could one apply for a Nomad Residence Permit?


A candidate who might want to apply for a Nomad Residence Permit is to present an application with filtered duplicates of all supporting documentation specified on the plan distributed by Residency Malta Agency, including a letter of intent clarifying the inspirations for the longing to get a Nomad Residence permit.


The letter of the plan ought to likewise plainly express the aim of the span of stay, indicating whether it is between 91 days – 180 days or 181 days – 365 days.


Applications ought to be shipped off to the Residency Malta Agency through email Candidates who expect to spend as long as 180 days in Malta will be given a Public Visa, while those who plan to spend as long as 365 days or more will be given a Residence Permit.

Will holders of Nomad Residence Permits bring their relatives?


Relatives will likewise be thought of. A candidate’s companion, minor kids, and grown-up youngsters are unfit to adapt freely because of an ailment or incapacity. Furthermore, the people who are financially subject to the fundamental candidate might apply for a Permit under similar circumstances as the Nomad Residence Permit holder and the primary candidate.


Choices on spousal Visas/Permits will be put forth on a defence-by-case premise. Malta perceives same-sex associations, so same-sex accomplices can apply for a permit to go with the primary candidate.


Is it conceivable to add relatives at a later stage?


Indeed, this is conceivable by applying for each extra relative, containing the accompanying documentation:


  • a complete duplicate of a substantial international passport
  • copy of the Nomad Visa/Residence Permit previously given to the principal candidate
  • marriage certificate (where relevant)
  • birth certificate (where applicable)
  • affirmation of reliance (where material)
  • grant of custody/guardianship (where applicable)
  • nearby/international (Malta cover) health insurance policy
  • health announcement
  • the regulatory expense of €300 for each extra relative.


What amount of time will it require for an application to be handled?


Application handling is supposed to require as long as 30 days following receipt of all necessary documentation.


How much is the application charge?


The application charge is EUR 300 for the principal candidate and EUR 300 for every dependent on the application. Fees are not refundable and are bar visa-related fees.


Will one be informed if the application is fruitful?


Candidates will be informed of the result of the application by email at a similar email address from which the application has been submitted.


What are the tax commitments of a Nomad Residence Permit holder?


Nomad Residence Permit holders won’t be dependent upon individual annual tax since their work is taxed initially. 


Regardless, they will be dependent upon utilization tax like any remaining occupants. 


Independently employed people offering their administrations to organizations enlisted and situated in Malta would have to pay taxes in Malta and apply for a residence permit in light of their independent work.


Is a Nomad Residence Permit holder qualified for free health care?


A Nomad Residence Permit is a transitory reason for stay, and the permit holder isn’t qualified for free health care. Anyway, sufficient front of clinical costs can be ensured through the necessary health insurance policy.


On the off chance that any of the recipients go inside the Schengen Region, they are mentioned to apply for different travel insurance covering their visit.


Is a Nomad Residence Permit holder qualified to gather a pension in Malta?


The Nomad Residence Permit holder gathers the pension in the country where their social tax is paid.


Does a Nomad Residence Permit holder need to enroll in their business?


In situations where the permit holder is utilized with or giving administrations to any Maltese organization, permit holders are expected to enlist their work/independent work with Jobsplus. This isn’t true for Nomad Residence Permit/Visa holders.


If I change my address or make any other changes to the application, would it be a good idea to inform Residency Malta Agency?


Any progressions to the application are to be conveyed to Residency Malta Agency in no less than a multi-week by submitting Structure N3, along with a duplicate of the new buy/tenant contract against an instalment of EUR 27.50. Inability to do so may involve the repudiation of the residence permit.


What would it be a good idea for one to do in the event of a lost/taken/harmed card?


In the event of a lost or taken card, the candidate is to submit Structure N3 along with a nearby Police Report within three working days, against an installment of EUR 27.50. The candidate must submit Structure N3 against the same installment if a card is harmed.


Is it conceivable to renew a Nomad Residence Permit?

A Nomad Residence Permit holder might apply for renewal of the Permit no later than one month before the current permit expiry against a charge of EUR 300 for every candidate.

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