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In the new way we work, sometimes we have meetings from different places. One important meeting is when your boss talks about how you’re doing at your job – that’s a performance review. Here are 20 easy tips to make these reviews work well when you’re not in the same place:

1. Know What You Want: Understand why you’re having the meeting. What do you want to talk about?

2. Use Your Computer: Use your computer to see and talk to each other. It’s like being in the same room!

3. Have Enough Time: Make sure you have enough time to talk. Rushing isn’t good for these talks.

4. Start Happy: Begin by saying good things. Talk about what you did well.

5. Talk About Goals: Discuss the things you wanted to do and how well you did them.

6. Check Yourself: Think about how you’re doing before the talk. This helps you be ready.

7. Get Feedback Often: Don’t wait for this big talk. Get feedback more often.

8. Be Clear: Use examples to show what you mean. It helps everyone understand better.

9. Solve Problems: If there are problems, talk about how to fix them. Don’t only talk about the bad stuff.

10. Talk Both Ways: Let everyone talk, not just the boss. Everyone has things to say.

11. Say Good Job: If someone does well, say it! Everyone likes to hear they did a good job.

12. Think About Where You Work: Remember that not everyone works in the same place. It can be different for everyone.

13. Make Plans: Talk about what you’ll do next. Make plans to get better.

14. Ask Everyone: Ask others what they think about your work. It helps to hear different opinions.

15. Be Flexible: Understand that people work differently at home. Be okay with that.

16. Teach Bosses: Help your boss learn how to do these talks online. It’s new for them too.

17. Write Down What You Talk About: Keep notes about what you talk about. It helps you remember later.

18. Plan for Growth: Talk about what you want to learn and do better. Plan for the future.

19. Understand Everyone: If your team is from different places, be nice to each other. People are different.

20. Talk About the Talk: After you finish talking, ask if it was good. Learn how to make it better next time.

By using these simple tips, talking about your job performance can be easier, even when you’re not in the same room. It’s all about working together and making things better!


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