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The work world is changing, and lots of us are diving into this thing called hybrid work. It’s like a mix of working in the office and working from home. To make sure this new way of working goes smoothly, it’s super important to have good talks with our managers. This article is all about the questions you should ask your manager to make hybrid work a success. Let’s dig in!

  1. What’s Expected of Me:First things first, find out what your manager expects from you in this hybrid world. Ask about when you need to be in the office and how flexible your schedule can be. Also, chat about how your work will be measured – what does success look like in this new setup?
  2. How Should We Talk:With a mix of in-office and at-home days, figuring out the best ways to talk is key. Ask your manager how they want the team to communicate – is it emails, video calls, or something else? Knowing this helps keep everyone on the same page, even if we’re not in the same room.
  3. Keeping the Team Spirit Alive:Being a strong team is vital, even if we’re not all in one place. Ask your manager about fun things or plans to keep the team spirit alive. How can you all bond and work well together, even if you’re miles apart?
  4. Tools for Working from Home:Working from home needs the right tools. Ask if there are good tools and support to help you do your job well outside the office. This could be secure apps, ways to manage projects, or IT help when you need it.
  5. When Can I Do My Work:Hybrid work is all about flexibility. Ask your manager about how flexible your work hours can be. Can you adjust your schedule to make things work for you? Knowing this helps you find a good balance between work and everything else.
  6. Growing in Your Job:Working from home shouldn’t stop you from growing in your career. Ask your manager about training, mentorship, and ways to get better at your job. Understanding how the company supports your career journey is really important.
  7. Staying Healthy and Happy:Feeling good is crucial, whether you’re in the office or at home. Ask your manager about things in place to keep everyone healthy and happy. Are there wellness programs or resources to help you stay on top of your game?
  8. How Do I Know I’m Doing Well:It’s important to know how you’re doing. Ask your manager about performance reviews – how often they happen and what they look for. Getting feedback and recognition for your hard work is a great motivator.
  9. What if There Are Problems:In any job, things might not always go perfectly. Ask your manager about how the company deals with problems. How can you get support, and what’s the plan for solving any issues that come up?
  10. What Comes Next:Hybrid work is new for everyone, so ask about what’s next. Are there plans to make it even better? How can you share your thoughts and ideas? Being part of the conversation about the future is exciting!


Switching to hybrid work means having good talks with your manager. These questions help you understand what’s expected, how to communicate, and how to grow in this new work style. Asking these things helps make hybrid work a success for you and your team.


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