Interested in a work from home Healthy Active Lifestyle? We are looking for Fitness Instructors to work from home or at a gym to promote the Healthy Active Lifestyle concept. This can be on a part-time basis to fit around day-to-day duties and family commitments.
Fitness Instructor Role
The role is utilising your fitness experience to build a base of regular re-ordering product customers. This would work well as an extension to Fitness Instructor / Zumba Teacher / Pilates Teacher type role. You can work from home or around a job in a gym.
Specific duties
* Using and promoting products as part of fitness sessions
* Providing product training
* Including product details in any existing marketing campaigns
* Posting on social media and social groups
* Face-to-face customer sales
* Tracking sales
* Supporting customers, face-to-face and online
* Zoom meetings and trainings
* Attending monthly training meetings
The Company
You will be working alongside the direct selling arm of a multi-billion-dollar company, established in 90+ countries having started in 1980.
Training and Support
A full training and support programme is well established, encompassing online, webinar and seminar trainings.
* Fitness Instructor / Zumba Teacher / Pilates Teacher type role.
* Good Social Media skills
* Interested in helping others improve lifestyle
* Good at building relationships
* Good at networking with other people
* Able to work without supervision
* Any work from home experience
* Independent
To a large extent your background is not important, the main thing is to have the motivation to work without supervision, to have a positive attitude, to be willing to learn and the drive to become successful.
Income and Rewards
This is a self-employed independent income opportunity, not a job or employment. There are two parts to the income, a retail profit from customers and a commission from team members.
The retail profit starts at 25% on sales value and moves on a sliding scale to 50% based on sales volume. Around 20 customers will qualify you for 50%. With the focus on customer retention, most of this income will be on re-orders.
The commission from team members starts at 5% on sales values and moves to 12% on a sliding scale based on team size. It is a worldwide market, with the company open in over 90 countries.
Please note that it is totally free to start this opportunity