Jane started a new Job and is able to telecommute – A Life changing story about Jane | Roamingdesk.com

Jane started a new remote job and is able to telecommute instead of working in the office which was great news for Jane and life changing because she was able to spend more time with her kids and save money on the journey to the office. 


She knows she is doing a wonderful job, however she is afraid that her boss doesn’t notice her great work because she telecommutes. 


What do you think Jane done to make sure she wasn´t invisible to her boss?


Jane sent a meeting request to her boss and asked if they could have a one to one chatup.


In the meeting Jane explained her fears to her boss and told her boss that she will start doing the following –


  • Keep her boss informed of her progress and accomplishments by using zoom, teams, emails, calls and submitting end of day reports.
  • Make herself available for meetings, conferences and industry events. Jane asked her boss and the company PA and office manager to always invite her to all relevant meetings and events.
  • Jane decided to book in her bosses calendar weekly lunch dates so she can go over details and catchup on any issues she is facing in her day to day work.


This really helped Jane because her boss always knew what she was doing and it made Jane more comfortable because she knew that her boss was always there to help.


Janes work really improved and she quickly got promoted within her Job role. The company also grew its business and now 90% of its employees now work from home.


At Roamingdesk.com we know this and only work remote, any employee that works with us telecommutes and that’s how we have built our success.

We grow stronger each day and learn from our mistakes, we promote a work life balance and help build each employee in their career progression.


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