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The CompTIA CASP+ certification is CompTIA’s highest-level and least-known certificate in cybersecurity. Since it continues in succession two extremely famous certification exams, the PenTest+ and CySA+, many individuals need to learn about the CASP+ if it merits the time and works to procure. In this article, I’ll resolve that inquiry.


Is the CompTIA CASP+ worth the effort? The CompTIA CASP+ is a high-level cybersecurity certification for experienced security architects and engineers. 


While the certification is deep-rooted and supported by CompTIA, numerous digital professionals will track down more worth in other high-level certifications, like the CISSP or CISM.


We should investigate the CASP+ and what you want to be aware of, assuming you will consider adding this certification to your credentials.


What is the CompTIA CASP+?


The CompTIA CASP+ is CompTIA’s highest-level cybersecurity-based certification, intended to be a high-level certification that a digital expert would take after finishing the Security+, PenTest+, or CySA+. 


All the more significantly, the CASP+ is CompTIA’s response to the highly famous and notable CISSP certification, which the ISC2 organization presents.


On CompTIA’s certification page, they contrast the CASP+ with the CISSP, yet additionally, the CISM and GCED certifications. CompTIA has positioned the CASP+ as a less expensive option in contrast to these different exams while likewise promoting that the CASP+ incorporates execution-based questions, while the others don’t.


Who Ought to Think about the CASP+?


The CASP+ is unquestionably not an excellent fit for everyone. On the off chance that you’re at the middle to advanced level in the cybersecurity field with quite a long while of experience, there are different certifications that you might need to consider rather than the CompTIA CASP+, like the CISSP. 


CompTIA has suggested that any test takers for the CASP+ have something like a decade of administration experience in IT, which appears to be extreme, particularly considering that they prescribe three to four years of experience to sit for the CySA+ certification test. CompTIA likewise suggests that a test taker has less than five long stretches of experience related straightforwardly to diligent security work.

The CASP+ has all the earmarks of being best adjusted for cybersecurity professionals in an administration job regulating a cybersecurity or technology department, division, or significant project. 


Yet, they need to stay sharp with their technical range of abilities. CompTIA has taken extraordinary measures to feature this, deliberately differentiating between the “practitioners” that the test is intended for and the “managers” for who it isn’t.


We can see from this that CompTIA is focusing on security-related jobs that we can get, at least for the time being, that are at a transitional level or higher. As part of the CASP+ test, CompTIA explicitly recognizes job titles such as security architect, technical lead analyst, application security engineer, and security engineer.


What experience is expected to sit for the CASP+?


One thing I love about CompTIA exams is that they don’t get into requiring test takers to record a measure of experience to sit for their exams. 


With CompTIA, assuming you feel like you know the material and will leave behind the money, you can sit for pretty much any CompTIA test whenever. The CASP+ is the same way. 


There are no particular mandatory prerequisites to sit for the test. Yet, CompTIA suggests that test takers have at least a decade of IT administration experience, with around five years of technical security experience.


Like with some other CompTIA tests, most test takers should be able to pass with less experience than what they’ve shown here. However, positively, with the CASP+, you’ll need to have no less than five or so long stretches of genuine involved experience that ideally was moderate and permitted you to work within a wide assortment of security situations.


I wouldn’t suggest anybody sit for the CASP+ certification straightforwardly in the wake of finishing the CySA+ or PenTest+, except if you’re an old pro in the field and feel genuinely OK with the points recorded on the test targets.


What is the cost of the CASP+?


CompTIA charges $439 in the United States to take the test, which is not a horrendous sum contrasted with some other certification exams, like the Certified Ethical Hacker. Still, it is about $90 more than the recommended prerequisite CySA+ and PenTest+ exams.


Remember that CompTIA frequently offers packages incorporating preparation choices and a test retake, so make sure to search around. Presently enlisted college students may likewise track down limits if their college or university is a CompTIA-approved accomplice and can utilize a .edu email record to pursue the test.


How notable is the CASP+?


The CASP+ has been around for quite some time, yet it doesn’t appear to have even close to the popularity of CompTIA’s lower-level certifications. Likewise, the contending certification exams that CompTIA has recorded as practically identical to the CASP+ will more often than not be better known and all-around regarded among old pros in the cybersecurity field. 


In our exploration, it was much more straightforward to secure position postings mentioning different certifications, for example, the CISSP or CISM, than to find postings requesting the CASP+ given a new pursuit examination we finished.


What would it be advisable for you to expect on the CASP+ test?


CompTIA records 90 questions for the CASP+ test, with a limit of two hours and 45 minutes to finish the questions you’ve been given. Most test takers will see some questions, not exactly that, maybe in the 75 – 85 inquiry range. Notwithstanding, test takers will have two hours and 45 minutes to finish the test, which should be a sizable amount of time.


If you’ve taken any CompTIA test previously, anticipate that the questions on the CASP+ should be similar; nonetheless, they will feel unique. Precisely, expect that the questions on the CASP+ should make suspicions of your past security information (which you ought to have now.) 


Likewise, expect that the questions will request you to settle on decisions rather than rigorously distinguishing a definition. Furthermore, as is CompTIA style, expect a few exhibition-based questions that will expect you to finish some multi-step errands.


How long is the CASP+ great for?


Like other CompTIA certifications, the CASP+ is valid for an extended period after completion. CompTIA is likewise updating the CASP+ on a rotating premise at regular intervals.


To recharge your CASP+, you’ll have to finish and submit something like 75 proceeding with training units (CEUs) during the three years before your test’s termination.


Which positions could benefit from the CASP+?


A few cybersecurity-related positions would benefit from procuring the CompTIA CASP+ or comparable certification. These positions are managerial or senior-level because of the trouble and content of the CASP+ test. On the off chance that you are presently or are trying to be any of the vocation positions recorded here, the CASP+ may be a decent certification for you:


CISOs oversee all aspects of security within an organization at the executive level.


Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are responsible for all information technology parts of an organization, which could incorporate security, contingent upon whether there is a CISO within the organization.


Senior Cybersecurity Analyst – SCAs perform significant defensive cybersecurity work for their organizations to guarantee that frameworks and resources are secured.


Cybersecurity Engineers – CEs are professionals responsible for the security parts of critical frameworks of an organization.


Cybersecurity Manager: A manager in charge of cybersecurity experts, such as cybersecurity engineers or analysts.


A senior IT manager is in charge of a team of IT managers, which may also include security personnel.

Cybersecurity Consultant – A cybersecurity proficient that gives contracted consulting or proficient administrations to organizations.


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