Is it possible to get hired by a company that previously interviewed you but did not hire you? |

The Encore: Returning to the Company that Once Interviewed You

Picture this: you’ve gone through the audition, but didn’t quite land the part. Is there a chance for a comeback? Absolutely. It’s entirely possible to secure a position with a company that previously considered but didn’t hire you. Here’s why:

1. Shifting Needs: Just as the script of a play can change, so too can a company’s staffing needs. A role that wasn’t available during your first act may suddenly become vacant as business priorities evolve.

2. Candidate Competition: Sometimes, you’re in the running with formidable contenders, and someone else gets the spotlight. But remember, not being selected doesn’t mean you weren’t a strong candidate. The casting may change, and you might fit the role next time.

3. Lasting Impression: If you left a memorable impression during your previous audition, the company is likely to remember your potential. A positive memory can open doors when new opportunities arise.

4. Tenacity and Networking: Maintaining a connection with the company and its decision-makers, expressing your ongoing interest, and staying informed about their openings can put you back in the running.

5. Skill Development: Time can bring growth. Since your last audition, you may have acquired new skills or experiences that align better with the company’s needs now.

6. Referrals and Recommendations: A glowing recommendation from someone within the company or your professional network can greatly enhance your chances of a second chance.

7. Company Evolution: Companies grow and diversify, requiring fresh talents with varying expertise. Your qualifications may now align more closely with their evolving needs.

To increase your prospects of being rehired by a company that once considered you:

  • Cultivate a positive and professional relationship with the company and its staff.
  • Continually enhance your skills and qualifications.
  • Stay connected with industry trends and the company’s updates.
  • Build a network, including present and former employees.
  • Communicate your enduring interest when suitable opportunities surface.

In the audition of career pursuits, each performance is an opportunity to showcase your talent and suitability for the role. Remember, persistence can be the key to eventually landing the role you covet.


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