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Indian Coast Guard is getting down on every one of the youthful Indian male possibility for the post of Yantriks. They have delivered around 27 openings for various specialized branches like Electrical, Mechanical, and Electronics. The Yantriks fill in as an emotionally supportive network for the Coast Guard as they function as an expert caring for the hardware and frameworks. It is a lofty job that is profited from the pride of working for the country and with significant compensation.


The unmarried Indian male Candidates who need to be a piece of the Coast guard and to safeguard the coastal line of India have been welcomed for the applications filling by the Coast guards of India.


In this article, there will be a conversation about the Coast Guard Job, the various presents on being filled as well as the Job profile of every post including the obligations and salary wages of a Coast Guard.


Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Age Limit

At least 18 years and most extreme 22 years, for example, brought into the world between 01 Aug 1998 to 31 Jul 2002 (the two dates complete, upper age unwinding of 5 years for SC/ST and three years for OBC class up-and-comers).


Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Educational Qualifications

  • Competitors should finish Class 10.
  • Recognition in Electrical/Mechanical/Electronics and Telecommunication (Radio/Power) Engineering approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) with 60% in total
  • 10th class passed from an education board perceived by Council of Boards for School Education (COBSE) and Diploma in Electrical/Mechanical/Electronics and Telecommunication (Radio/Power) Engineering approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).
  • SC/ST competitors will get 5% unwinding in the least cut-off.
  • Anybody who has extraordinary records in sports at the national level will likewise get 5% unwinding in least cut off


Clinical Standards for Indian Coast Guard Yantrik

Approved military specialists will direct clinical assessment according to the clinical standard recommended in current guidelines relevant to Enrolled Personnel on passage.

  • Weight – Proportionate to level and mature +10% adequate.
  • Height – At least level 157 centimeters. The decrease in level for applicants from bumpy and ancestral regions will be as per the Central Govt. orders.
  • Chest – It ought to be proportional—most negligible development five centimeters.
  • Wellness Level – No heart diseases, careful disfigurements like thump knee, level feet, and so on, the disease of ears, no set of experiences of fits or mental illness, varicose vein, gone through the restorative medical procedure for vision, and so on. are not qualified.
  • Hearing – Ordinary
  • Visual Standards – 6/24 without glasses and 6/9 and 6/12 with glasses for Better Eye and Worse Eye individually.


Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Job Details

The Indian Coast Guards are liable for the Sea tasks of India, safeguarding the India Maritime interests. Coast guard yantrik work or The obligations of an Indian Coast Guard are referenced as beneath:-

  • To safeguard artificial islands, installations, offshore terminals, and other such significant focuses in the oceanic area.
  • To secure and uphold fisherman in trouble.
  • Keeping up with and safeguarding the marine environment, including controlling marine contamination.
  • To help Customs and different courts in enemy of sneaking activities.
  • To execute with full powers to protect the Maritime Zones Act of India.
  • Doing whatever it may take protects the asylum of life and property adrift and collects logical information.

These and a lot more are the Coast Guard’s work and obligations. The job of an Indian Coast Guard yantrik isn’t simply worked. A valuable open door yet an obligation to save and profit. These folks buckle down to secure and ration our marine zones in the country.


Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Salary

On enlisting in the Indian Coast Guard, you will be set in Basic compensation 29200/ – (Pay Level-5). Moreover, you will be paid Yantrik pay @ Rs.6200/ – in addition to Dearness Allowance and different recompenses given the nature of obligation/spot of posting according to the overarching guidelines upheld time-to-time.

According to Government orders for force, free proportion, accessible attire, and free clinical treatment for self and family remembering subordinate guardians. Government convenience for self and family on the nominal license expense.


Insurance front of Rs.25 Lakhs at a payment of Rs.2500/ – each month as Group protection. Contributory Pension Scheme and Gratuity on retirement. This salary premise has been concluded after the seventh compensation commission.


Coast Guard is an incredible job among the young today. Even though a reason behind this is a definitive free liabilities given to the coast guards to such an extent that the salary of coast guard includes a wide range of extract obligations along with the kids’ expenses, lodging costs, charges, and so on, not at all like numerous different jobs of various areas in the country, the coast guard salary gives a dependence upon the future for this job.

Promotions for the Indian coast guard are referenced too in this article.

Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Allowances

Free apportion and clinical treatment for self and family, including subordinate guardians.

Government convenience for self and family at nominal license expense.

Forty-five days Earned leave and 08 days Casual leave consistently with Leave Travel Concession (LTC) for self, family and ward guardians according to Government rules.

Contributory Pension Scheme and Gratuity on retirement.

Container and different advance offices.

ECHS clinical offices after retirement.


Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Career Path and Promotions

When you enter the Indian Coast Guard as a Yantrik, you should realize that there are many degrees for vocation development and advancements. The Promotion tree of the Yantrik is recorded beneath. As all of you know, advancement accompanies a compensation increase. Subsequently, the compensation, as well as the advantages and advantages, will fluctuate according to your situation.

  • Yantrik
  • Uttam Yantrik
  • Pradhan Yantrik
  • Sahayak Engineer
  • Uttam Sahayak Engineer
  • Pradhan Sahayak Engineer


The salary scale for the Pradhan Sahayak Engineer goes up to Rs. 47600/ – in addition to Yantrik pay @ Rs. 6200/ – with Dearness Allowance with the Grade Pay of approx Rs. 4,200/ -. The advancement of the applicants depends on their maintainability and their exhibition.


Here are why the Indian Coast Guards is a dependable job for Indian Youngsters. As an administration job as well as for a beneficial student.

I trust every one of these helps you today and tomorrow. All the best understood us, go along with us and read.


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