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Whether you’re a British national or someone who resides in the UK, there are many ways to get a job in the UAE. However, as a UK national or resident, there are multiple advantages to finding an appointment here. For example, hundreds of UK-based companies have headquarters in the UAE, mainly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The guide below will help you increase your chances of finding a job in the UAE.

How to get a Job in the UAE?

Plan A

  1. Create an excellent CV and LinkedIn profile that stands out. There are tons of free online tools to do this. If your CV needs to be updated or well-written/well-designed, employers will skip through it. I suggest hiring someone on to fix it up for you (this can cost as little as $150 for an exceptionally written CV).
  2. Apply for relevant jobs on, LinkedIn, Bayt, GulfTalent, and other UAE or UK job portals. Join groups on Facebook such as ‘Brits in Dubai’ and contact people directly. Also, join Dubai-based LinkedIn groups and try to get more exposure.
  3. Get in touch with fellow British companies in Dubai/UAE on LinkedIn and check with their employees if they have any opportunities for someone with your skills or if they can refer you to someone else. There are also quite a few British recruitment agencies in Dubai headquartered in London and Dubai.
  4. Wait and see if employers are viewing your profile or if they start relying on LinkedIn. If yes, great! You’re one step closer to landing an interview. If not, skip to Plan B.

Plan B

Look for legitimate recruitment agencies in your country that have connections with companies in the UAE. Emphasis on honesty because many recruitment companies are known to be a fraud. They promise you a job for a considerable amount of money, take your passport, and won’t give it to you unless you pay them more. Legitimate recruitment agencies should never ask you for money. Their clients pay them in full to fill vacant positions. Ask around and see if you know anyone who got a job in the UAE through an honest recruitment agency, then contact them and send them your CV to match you with any opportunities.

Plan C

Plan C should be a last resort only if you have enough funds for travel, accommodation, transportation, and food, plus enough savings in an emergency.

  1. Apply for a tourist visa and come here to look for a job. The pro is that you’re physically available for an interview and can start work immediately. Many companies still prefer face-to-face interviews even though you can interview people through Zoom. Also, the fact that you’re already here means you’ve made a commitment to work in the UAE, and the company doesn’t have to worry about arranging your flight ticket or sending you a visa that might not be utilized (which can be costly for the company).
  2. Meet people from the British community in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Ask them where gatherings or activities take place. Network and join groups. Make friends. If you play football, ask where you can play. If you prefer to meet people in bars, there are many British bars/pubs here too. You might meet someone who can help you find a job.
  3. Contact and send your CV to recruitment agencies like Even though there still are some fraudulent agencies here, most are legitimate, and due to stricter laws, it’s too risky for them to ask you for money to find you a job. So try to meet and connect with someone from an agency here who might be able to find you a job.

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that it’s a very competitive job market here, with almost 10 million people competing. To land a job means you have to stand out, be exceptionally determined, be highly skilled, or be in the right place at the right time. Nobody can guarantee that coming here can land you a job. However, I’ve witnessed hundreds of people take this path, and it worked for many.


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