How do you verify an employee’s previous employer information on a reference check? |

Unveiling Employment History: The Art of Reference Verification

In the intricate ballet of hiring, reference checks are a pivotal performance. Among the many facets of this art, verifying an employee’s previous employer information stands as a significant act. Here’s how to execute this dance with grace and precision:

  1. Permission Is Paramount: Before embarking on this quest, ensure you possess the candidate’s blessing to conduct a reference check. This typically involves a list of references and their contact details, including former employers.
  2. The HR Connection: Commence your quest by dialing the hallowed halls of the Human Resources (HR) department of the candidate’s previous employer. This sanctuary is the most reliable wellspring for employment verification. Retrieve the HR department’s contact details either from the company’s website or a directory.
  3. Seek the Gatekeeper: Upon entering the HR realm, request an audience with the individual responsible for verifying employment or references. Be prepared to provide the candidate’s full name, job title, and the tenure’s temporal boundaries to expedite the verification rite.
  4. Questions Are Your Arsenal: Before making the call, assemble a battery of questions that you intend to deploy in your quest for truth. Your arsenal may comprise inquiries such as:
    • Confirmation of employment dates (both the genesis and finale).
    • An enumeration of job titles held throughout the tenure.
    • A glimpse into the candidate’s duties and responsibilities.
    • The whispered reasons behind the departure, if the company is willing to unveil such secrets.
    • The existence of performance evaluations or feedback, should these be within reach.
  5. Company Policies Beckon: Each company possesses its unique policies regarding the information they divulge about erstwhile employees. Familiarize yourself with these policies, for they can vary vastly from one sanctuary of employment to another. Understand that certain companies may only disclose employment dates and job titles due to their sacred privacy doctrines.
  6. The Etiquette of Inquiry: As you converse with the HR sentinel, adhere to the most noble of etiquettes. Express your purpose for the call clearly, and pose your questions in the most courteous manner, as befits this diplomatic exchange.
  7. Document the Chronicles: Inscribe meticulous notes during this parley. Record the name and station of the HR sentinel, the date and time of your encounter, and the wisdom they bestow. Such chronicles can serve as the foundation of future reference.
  8. The Crossroads of Verification: Compare the scrolls of wisdom obtained from the previous employer with the lore imparted by the candidate. Scrutinize the texts for any variances or incongruities that may warrant further exploration or discourse with the candidate.
  9. The Vestiges of Privacy: Reverence for data guardianship and privacy laws is paramount. Ensure that the insights gleaned are handled in a manner befitting these sacred tenets.
  10. The Symphony of Multiple Referrals: Wherever possible, orchestrate conversations with more than one previous employer or reference. This harmonious ensemble of voices grants a well-rounded perspective of the candidate’s employment chronicles.
  11. The Tools of the Digital Age: In this digital epoch, consider employing third-party verification services, which offer comprehensive employment histories and background checks. These instruments can add an orchestral richness to your reference concerto.
  12. The Overture of Discussion: Post-reference check, confer with the candidate. If discordant notes or concerns emerge, extend the candidate the privilege of offering their melody in response.

Remember, the act of reference verification should be choreographed with ethics and professionalism. Uphold the candidate’s sanctity and the previous employer’s principles throughout this endeavor. For within the cadence of accurate employment verification lies the symphony of wise hiring decisions.


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