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A fire lookout is a crucial position in any town or municipality. Not only does this person have to spot fires, but they have to be able to get the information out to the rest of the community promptly. As a fire lookout, you’ll need to meet several qualifications and meet specific requirements. So if you’re interested in this career path, continue for more information on how to get started.


What are the qualifications for a fire lookout?


A fire lookout spends time surveying fires to prevent them from spreading. To be a good fire lookout, you need to have some qualifications.


First and foremost, you need good eyesight. You need to be able to see very far away and in all directions at once. You also need to be able to stay calm under pressure.


Second, you need good physical conditioning. Finally, you’ll be hiking for long periods and standing on unstable platforms for hours.


Third, you need good math skills. You’ll have to track how far the fire spreads, how much fuel it has left, and how many firefighters are on the scene.


And finally, you need good communication skills. So you’ll have to relay information back and forth between the fire camp and the firefighters on the scene.

Someone must meet a few qualifications to become a fire lookout. These qualifications vary depending on the state, but typically, a person must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, be physically fit and able to climb mountains quickly, and have excellent vision. In addition, many fire lookout jobs require certification from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


How to find a fire lookout job?


If you’re interested in finding a job as a fire lookout, there are a few things you need to do first. 


First, Determine If You Deserve the Position

A fire lookout is high-risk, only for the most qualified individuals. 


Before applying, it’s essential to assess your skills and experience. For example, are you an experienced hiker? 

Can you handle extreme weather conditions? Do you have excellent observation skills? 


Once you’ve determined that you meet all the qualifications necessary for the position, it’s time to search online. In addition, make sure to use keywords related to fire lookout positions, such as “fire lookout jobs,” “forest fire lookout,” or “wildland firefighter.” 


Next, Research Organizations That Hire Fire Lookouts

Once you’ve found a handful of organizations hiring fire lookouts, send out your resume. Demonstrating your commitment to this career path will help make you stand out from the other applicants. 


Finally, Attend Local Job Fairs and Meet with Recruiters in Person

You can meet with recruiters at local job fairs and discuss the job opportunity. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting the best representation from the organization when interviewing.


How to apply for a fire lookout job?


To apply as a fire lookout, here are a few ideas you need to do first. 


First, you will need to find the proper organization. National Parks or forests are where fire lookout organizations are based. You can also look online or contact your local forestry or park ranger office to see if they have any openings. 


Next, you will need to take the appropriate exams. The exams vary depending on the organization you are applying to, but most require applicants to have at least an Associate’s degree in fire science or another related field. 


Most organizations require that applicants be physically fit and have good eyesight.

If you are enthused about a profession as a fire lookout, be sure to research the necessary steps and exams beforehand.

To get a job as a fire lookout, you must be a registered professional firefighter in the USA, be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and pass a physical exam. You will also need to have experience working in a high-altitude environment and be able to pass a psychological test. Once you have these qualifications, you can apply online or through your local fire department.


What are the benefits of being a fire lookout?


Being a fire lookout is an exciting and challenging career. Here are some of the benefits:


1. Experienced and knowledgeable about fire behavior.


2. Enjoy watching fires from a distance, often in dangerous or uncomfortable conditions.


3. Have access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology to help monitor fires.


4. Earn a good salary and have opportunities for advancement.

5. Have the chance to work in an outdoor environment with a great team of colleagues.

6. Have the opportunity to work with some of the best firefighters in the country.

A fire lookout is a position that helps protect people and property from wildfires. They work in an area with a high risk of wildfire, monitoring the site for potential fires and reporting their findings to the fire department.


Some benefits of being a fire lookout include the following:


-Being able to see and monitor areas where wildfires are likely to happen

-Having the opportunity to work in an exciting and challenging environment

-Contributing to protecting people and property

There are many benefits to being a fire lookout. First and foremost, this is a fascinating job that gives some of the best views in the world. Out on the roof of a tower watching for fires is an incredible experience you will never forget. Additionally, being a fire lookout provides an opportunity to learn about firefighting and emergency preparedness. Finally, working as a fire lookout can lead to other exciting career opportunities, such as working with the police or the military.




If you are searching for a career that offers a variety of challenges, then a job as a fire lookout may be the perfect fit for you. This unique career provides an opportunity to work in some of the most beautiful and scenic locations in the United States, which will always energize you. Aside from enjoying incredible scenery, fire lookouts also have to be physically fit because they routinely spend long hours on their feet walking around their stations. If this sounds like something you would enjoy and can meet the qualifications required, then applying for a position as a fire lookout could be your next step.

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