How difficult is getting a job in the UK, despite having a good degree and CV? |

Finding a job in the UK, even if you have a good degree and a strong resume, can be a bit tricky. Here’s why:

1. Job Market Situation:

  • The number of jobs available can go up and down. When the economy is doing well, it’s easier to find work. But when it’s not, it’s tougher.

2. Type of Job Matters:

  • Not all jobs are the same. Some jobs are in high demand, while others have lots of people applying for them. Jobs in tech, healthcare, and engineering usually have more opportunities.

3. Where You Look:

  • Where you’re searching for work also makes a difference. Big cities like London have more jobs, but it’s more expensive to live there. Smaller places might have fewer jobs, but it’s cheaper to live.

4. Work Permission:

  • If you’re not a UK citizen, make sure you have the right papers to work there.

5. Know People:

  • Knowing the right people can help you find jobs that aren’t advertised to everyone. It’s called networking, and it can make your job search easier.

6. Skills Beyond School:

  • Besides what you learned in school, employers want to see other skills like being able to talk well, solve problems, and adapt to different situations.

7. Job Hunt Skills:

  • How you look for jobs and how you perform in interviews matter too. Be ready for interviews, write good applications, and match your skills to what the job needs.

8. Salary Expectations:

  • Be realistic about how much money you want to make. Pay can change depending on where you work, how much experience you have, and what you do. It’s important to be flexible.

9. Keep Trying:

  • Don’t give up if you don’t find a job right away. It might take some time. Keep trying, learn new things, and keep improving your job search.

In a nutshell, having a good degree and resume helps, but there are many things at play in the job market. Be ready to adapt your job search strategy and stick with it. And remember, the job market can change, so keep trying and stay positive.


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