How can an international student get a job in the UK? |

1. Check Your Visa:

  • First, make sure your student visa allows you to work in the UK. You can usually work up to 20 hours a week during school and full-time during breaks.

2. Look on Campus:

  • Check if your school has jobs for students. These are good because they understand your class schedule.

3. Get Help from Your School:

  • Your school can help you find a job and make your CV (a paper about you) better.

4. Use Job Websites:

  • The internet has websites like Indeed or LinkedIn where you can look for jobs.

5. Talk to People:

  • Meet people at your school or in your area. They might know about jobs.

6. Part-Time Jobs:

  • Think about jobs in stores, restaurants, or hotels. They usually have flexible hours.

7. Try Internships:

  • Look for jobs related to what you study. This can give you good experience.

8. Make a Good CV:

  • Write a CV that shows why you’re good for the job. Talk about your classes and any other work you did.

9. Think About After School:

  • When you finish school, there are special visas that let you work in the UK for some time. Look into these.

10. Keep Trying: – Finding a job can be hard, so don’t give up if you don’t get the first job you try for. Keep looking and keep getting better.

11. Know the Rules: – Learn the laws about working in the UK and your rights. You need to work legally and pay taxes.

12. Stay Legal: – If you get a job after school, make sure you follow the rules for staying in the UK legally.

Remember, finding a job might take time, but keep going, use your school’s help, and stay positive. You can do it!

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