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Work with your employing managers to redo this job description per your organization’s vision for the position.


The hotel receptionist fills in as the primary resource for all visitors to our association. In that capacity, the ideal up-and-comer ought to be agreeable, inviting, patient, accommodating, and proficient. Their duties might incorporate hello visitors surprisingly, dealing with the registration and looking at the process, addressing questions and demands, and assisting with authoritative undertakings at the front work area. The hotel receptionist should be trustworthy and ready to function admirably with minimal direct oversight. The fulfillment and solace of every visitor is our main concern, and the hotel receptionist’s mentality and conduct ought to mirror that consistently.


Job Requirements


Change these requirements to mirror the experience and skills your association is looking for in a hotel receptionist competitor.


  • 2+ years experience working as a hotel receptionist or visitor services job
  • High school diploma, GED, or appropriate same
  • Capable in Microsoft Office Suite and other fundamental computer programs
  • Composed solid and verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with English
  • Capacity to keep a positive, cordial mentality under high tension
  • Magnificent authoritative and performing multiple tasks skills
  • Proficient disposition and appearance


Fundamental Job Duties and Responsibilities


  • Welcome the visitors
  • reply and direct incoming calls
  • illuminate visitors regarding hotel rates and services
  • make and affirm bookings for visitors
  • guarantee appropriate room distribution
  • register and look at visitors in
  • affirm important visitor data
  • verify visitor’s installment strategy
  • verify and engrave Visas for approval
  • issue room keys and direct visitors to their rooms
  • keep up with clear and precise records of visitor room appointments
  • figure all visitor billings, precisely present charges on visitor rooms and house accounts
  • get and send messages to visitors
  • recover mail, bundles, and records like faxes for visitors
  • tune in and answer visitor questions and demands both face-to-face and by telephone
  • give exact data about nearby attractions and services
  • liaise with vital staff, including housekeeping and upkeep, to resolve any issues or objections made by visitors
  • complete and keep up with any episode reports, everyday action reports, or different reports mentioned by the executives
  • oversee meeting room appointments and booking
  • close visitor accounts and look at visitors
  • review accounts and accuses of visitors during the look-at process
  • process exact installment of visitor accounts
  • illuminate housekeeping when rooms have been cleared and are prepared for cleaning
  • screen guests to the hotel
  • authorize rules and strategies of the hotel
  • keep a slick and precise front work area and banquet room


Key Competencies and Qualities


  • customer service direction
  • attention to Detail and precision
  • arranging and sorting out
  • capacity to perform multiple tasks and focus on
  • proficient appearance and mentality
  • successful verbal and composed communication skills
  • capacity to deal with pressure and keep composed under tension
  • compromise skills
  • independent direction and decision-making abilities
  • cooperation
  • adaptable concerning work plans
  • capacity to answer suitably to different customers and visitors


What skills are required to have been a hotel receptionist?


The primary five skills distinguished for progress in the hotel receptionist position include:


Communication Skills – ready to tune in, pose the correct inquiries, comprehend what the visitor is asking, and give pertinent data in a transparent and specific way.


Attention to Detail – ready to guarantee precision in all activities.


Customer Service Skills – solid customer service direction, including the capacity to comprehend and address the customer’s issues while growing excellent visitor relations.


Thinking abilities – ready to accumulate all the essential data to settle on a sound choice in light of realities and accessible assets.

Versatility and adaptability are ready to rapidly change approach and movement to satisfy new needs, various visitors, changing conditions, and new needs.


Hotel Receptionist skills and qualifications


A fruitful Hotel Receptionist competitor should have the option to manage various circumstances, tranquility, and essentially. They will likewise have different essential skills and qualifications that include:


  • Critical thinking skills
  • Solid communication and relational skills
  • Incredible customer service skills
  • Adaptability and the capacity to answer fittingly to changing circumstances
  • Caution and responsiveness
  • The capacity to keep up with proficient principles under tension
  • Solid IT skills and information on booking frameworks and programming
  • Superb organization and authoritative skills


Hotel Receptionist experience requirements


There are no particular experience requirements for Hotel Receptionists, yet a few businesses lean toward up-and-comers with something like one year of experience working in a comparative job. Past jobs in retail or other comparative positions are helpful, particularly those that require the capacity to deal with tough spots and oversee customer assumptions successfully. 


Similar to any experience in providing specific forms of support to clients or consumers, skill in organizing and information dealing is advantageous.


Hotel Receptionist instruction and preparation requirements


Hotel Receptionists do not require explicit instructive accomplishments, albeit most managers anticipate that competitors should have some GCSE passes or the same, especially in maths and English. 


Customer service or regulatory preparation is a benefit, similar to any certificate in accommodation or hotel on the board. The majority of jobs include getting ready for job prospects. However, a few courses explicitly focus on the skills that should have been a Hotel Receptionist, for example, the City and Guilds Diploma in Gathering and Front Office Services or a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Diploma Before House Gathering. Preparing for compromise, computer skills, or using time productively is a reward.


Hotel Receptionist salary assumptions


According to For sure Pay rates, a hotel receptionist in the UK typically earns £15,147 a year. However, this pay depends on the size of the hotel, the duties, and the location.


Hotel Receptionist job description FAQs


Who does a Hotel Receptionist answer to?


Hotel Receptionists’ announcing structure relies upon the size of the hotel they are working in. Hotel Receptionists regularly report to a Gathering Supervisor or a Front of House Director in more prominent hotels and chains of hotels. 


They might be required by the Visitor Relations team and work under the supervision of the group chief. The hotel receptionist may directly report to the hotel supervisor in more basic hotels.


What qualities make a decent Hotel Receptionist?


As the face of the company to the public, hotel receptionists should be amiable. They ought to be given a chance to develop affinities with guests.


Competitors who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction or provide extra assistance to visitors who require it are a resource for the group. Hotel receptionists should be able to collaborate well with the rest of the team and being willing to pitch in when necessary is also advantageous.


What compels a decent Hotel Receptionist job description?


Include information about the duties and responsibilities of the hotel receptionist. To entice the top up-and-comers, specify specific education or experience criteria. If the position has benefits, such as restricted lodging rates at chain hotels, staff feasts during shifts, or performance-based bonuses, mention them in the job description to attract more applicants.


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