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HMRC is focused on making a great work environment for all its partners, a comprehensive and respectful climate that mirrors the variety of the general public they serve.


HMRC needs to boost the capability of everyone who decides to work for themselves. They offer a scope of adaptable working examples and backing to make a satisfying profession at HMRC open to you.


Different points of view and encounters are fundamental to their prosperity, and HMRC invites applications from all individuals from all foundations with the experience and abilities expected to play out this job.


At HMRC, they’re focused on getting tax rights for everybody.


HMRC is doing its bit to have an effect, whether assisting clients with settling their taxes and guaranteeing monetary help or making it difficult for the evil minority to trick the framework.


HMRC couldn’t do this without our committed and vital labor force. They’re perhaps one of the leading organizations in the UK.


HMRC Compliance Caseworker Job Details

Do you have logical care and interest in handling tax avoidance? I so, you could be an extraordinary Compliance Caseworker in HMRC’s Customer Compliance Group (CCG). There are 26,000 individuals at present in CCG, and this figure is developing quickly.


What does an HMRC Compliance Caseworker do?

As a Compliance Caseworker (Officer), you will be liable for driving and completing tax examinations concerning taxpayers’ records to distinguish and address any inconsistencies or rebellious ways of behaving.


You will work in a capable analytical job guaranteeing that HMRC effectively gathers the complete and proper measure of cash due from UK taxpayers, researching offenses against the tax framework and making a move to distinguish and moderate any possible dangers.


You will direct examinations concerning taxpayers’ records. This will include you investigating these records to check for proof of rebelliousness. If any inconsistencies are found because of your tests, you will be supposed to address these with the taxpayer, following tax regulations and teaching the taxpayer where pertinent.


The examinations you will embrace could be work area based, or expect you to do up close and personal gatherings with the taxpayer at HMRC workplaces or visiting taxpayers’ premises in many areas. Notwithstanding the pandemic, the proper measures will be set up per government rules to guarantee that your well-being starts things out.


Full help and preparation will be given to assist you in handling tough spots with certainty.


HMRC Compliance Caseworker Salary

Generally, HMRC Compliance Caseworker Salary is £26,586 – £28,918 (in addition to additional advantages given too)


HMRC Compliance Caseworker Benefits

As well as cutthroat pay rates and liberal yearly leave privilege, HMRC offer a significant bundle of advantages for Compliance Caseworkers, including:

  • Nice pensions
  • Fantastic preparation and vocation movement
  • Learning and advancement customized to your job
  • A culture empowering incorporation and variety


HMRC staff moving workplaces because of the Locations Program will be qualified for a Moves Adjustment Payment for quite some time, where their movement costs have expanded. This is determined by the contrast between the weekly expenses of going to and from the new and old office. You will get more information about this as a feature of designated areas to move correspondences.


HMRC Compliance Caseworker Responsibilities

You needn’t bother with any current information or experience of tax to apply, yet you’ll have an interest in handling tax avoidance and the accompanying characteristics:

  • Communication – empowering powerful and valuable contact with taxpayers.
  • Extraordinary managing abilities – demonstrated composed and verbal skills will empower you to record and impart the result of your examinations.
  • Versatile – ready to deal with a showdown and troublesome discussions with taxpayers.
  • Insightful psyche – appreciates decisive reasoning, information and data investigation, exploration, correspondence, and critical thinking.
  • Anxious to learn – you will need to familiarize yourself with the tax regulation pertinent to the business region you will be dispensed to. This information will assist with illuminating your dynamic on examinations and instruction of taxpayers.
  • Using time effectively – is fundamental while undertaking different examinations simultaneously.


HMRC is an equivalent open-door boss and worth variety. HMRC doesn’t segregate based on race, religion, type, public beginning, orientation, sexual direction, age, marital status, veteran status, or incapacity status


HMRC Compliance Caseworker Working Hours

HMRC Compliance caseworkers currently work 37 hours of the week, covering different working plans during HMRC’s standard working hours, between 7 am and 8 pm, Monday to Saturday. This incorporates the ends of the week, nights (up to 8 pm), and some bank occasions.


Part-time working open doors (at least 22 hours per week covering different examples during our initial times) can be thought about; however, business needs will determine whether your solicitation can be obliged.


Part-time hours: The compensation and yearly leave for the opening will favor rata for practical temporary jobs.


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